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Drain coolant from small drain plug back left of radiator. No block drain plug. Drain while on sidestand to get most of coolant out.

(Don't need a pic of this do you? It's there just look for it)

After all is drained, replace drain plug. Clamp off expansion tank vapor hose under bike and expansion tank hose by radiator cap...

Here's the vacuum gauge and adapter in the radiator neck

Attach the venturi device to the adapter...
This is what you attach the shop air to and what pulls the vacuum into the coolant system

Open the valve, attach the compressed air hose and wait a few seconds. 22 or so vacuum comes up very easily. Turn valve to off as in picture and watch to see vacuum holds.

Place fill tube in coolant reservoir and place at a level higher than radiator. Prime the tube by mouth suction and close the valve to hold the fluid in the tube.

Remove the venturi valve and replace with the fill line. I have the valve on the fill tube open in this picture, but the valve on the adapter is still closed...

Open the valves and fill the coolant tank.

When tank is full and vacuum is gone, move to bleed the system. Leave the adapter and coolant line in place so when you bleed, coolant continues to fill the radiator.

Open the bypass circuit bleed plug partly, wait until coolant comes out then close...

Then attach a clear tube to the coolant pump bleed nipple. Put the other end under water. Open the pump bleed nipple until all bubbles are bled out and replaced but only coolant. Keeping the original fill tank and vacuum adapter in place will keep the radiator filled while you are bleeding the pump and bypass circuits.

Close nipple.

Replace radiator cap. Remove clamps.

Drain expansion tank. Refill to max.

That's it I think.

Easier than changing the oil.

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