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Well, this is what I've learned over the last few days. The 3 top players in Extended Warranty ( Service ) Plans seem to be Interstate Star Sport, Pinnacle Protection Plan, and Western Services Contract Corporation.

My dealer doesn't work with any company that sells an extended warranty. So, I looked into the plans and their availability to purchasers outside of the dealerships. You can buy these policies only through dealers or businesses that are authorized by the insurance companies. With these 3 companies there are no direct sales over the internet.

That being said. You can purchase the warranty from any authorized sales rep in the country. Although I didn't want to shop this to death. I did want to make sure I was getting a fair deal. So, I called around.

Pinnacle sells policies on bikes that are more than 12 months old. This feature gave one dealer the ability to sell used bikes with an extended warranty. Pinnacle probably sells plans for new bikes. But I wasn't hearing the Pinnacle name quite as much as the other two companies so I narrowed my search to Interstate and Western.

Western had a terrific sales rep. Connie-- 1-800-543-5225 x3099. She took plenty of time to explain the warranty in detail and answer all my questions. Connie referred me to the #1 BMW sales leader in the country for a quote on a Western 4 year ( 3+4) unlimited mileage policy. I also called Lone Star BMW, thanks grif, and spoke to Jenny-- 512-451-7979. Jenny was also very thorough and patient, answering all my questions. Jenny sells both the Interstate and Western policies. The last place I called was Honda Of Florence, KY. I spoke with Marci-- 1-859-371-1212. She sells the Interstate plans.

The quotes I got from TX and KY were comparable to each other on the same plans. The quote I got from the other dealer was more than double the quote I got from Jenny on the Western plan.

At this point, I'm still a bit uncertain as to which company I will use. I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with either company. As I mentioned earlier, my wifes MINI is insured through Warranty Direct which is part of Interstate. AAA also sells auto plans to it's members and the plans are through Interstate. It's a good company. But I was very impressed in my phone conversations with Western sales reps. Their reputation for paying and standing behind their product seems to be backed up from what I was told by a major BMW dealer.

One thing I do know. Connie at Lone Star BMW sells what I think are two of the top extended service contracts. When I get ready to buy a plan, I'm calling her. It's going to cost a few bucks but at least I know I'm not getting taken for a ride. Note to self---if you decide to go with Interstate, give Marci a call. She might do better than Jenny. If you decide to go with Western, call Jenny.

Speaking of rides. After drooling over y'alls rides since 2006. Today, I put my deposit down on a 2008 GT. Yahoo!!

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