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Sold my 2007 K1200GT

I have not had a bike in 13 years and bought new 07 GT with all the gear, top case, etc. Spent a lot of money and dropped the bike three times in 6 months. Went camping with the BMW group and had lots of fun. Only problem is that it was not as fun to ride as my last bike which was a Harley ridged chopper I build from a basket case I bought. The BMW was uncomfortable after being in the saddle so I had a custom seat made and added bar risers. It still made my elbows soar after riding it for 20 minutes and I just lost the joy of riding (unless I was going 130 MPH or racing up a mountain or riding the twisties).

Long story short, sold the GT and never missed it. I bought a 1978 Triumph Bonneville to have something to ride until I figure out what's the best bike for me. The $4,000 Bonnie is so much fun to ride I think I'm going to keep it for a long time. Saved a boat load of money and I don't have to take it to the BMW dealer for warrantee work every other month. I can work on my own bike and will never drop a bike again.

I know it's a different ride altogether but think the newer BMW's are too much money and not comfortable Triumph for me.

Anyone else find the new GT not a comfortable or desirable as other bikes they owned?

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