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(Please note that I am ignoring the little angel on my shoulder who is telling me to stay out of this thread.)

I really want to join the AMA. Unfortunately, every time I read their position papers, the pen comes off the check. I wish that the AMA would focus their energies on the issues that I care about. You must pick your fights, and trying to get helmet laws repealed or fighting ones in progress are not the fights that I would have the AMA choose for me.

By fighting helmet laws so vigorously, the AMA loses a lot of common-sense credibility in my view, and I suspect that the non-rider public shares that view, whether right or wrong. This weakens their position on other critical issues, and wastes their vast money, manpower, and time, leaving less for what is truly important to us as riders/bikers.

In my opinion, the AMA may be winning some of the battles, but they are losing the war.
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