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Originally Posted by BigBloke
I was sitting here looking through some posts on the PCIII, and thinking about this raised the question as to what the difference would be between a GT sold in the US, and one sold in the EU.

The first thing that comes to mind is emission control, especially for CA. This however, is not a fundamental difference. Having said that however, the emission controls here are also quite strict (I am talking of CH. DE and elsewhere, I have no knowledge)

But what would the fundamental differences be? (if any)

Lets put a 'frinstance out there.

1. I move to the US, I bring my GT because I have spent ungodly amounts of dosh on Farkles. I can't really see too much to do. The Farkles I am talking about here are not modifications to the engine and racing exhaust systems etc. (you would assumedly have to comply to some sort of noise check as well) but I mean the prudy Farkles like chrome

2. One of you Blokes in the US decide to move to the EU. Because you have also spent far too much on Farkles, you bring it with you, and you go into the Motor Registry to get thing registered. I know from experience with my V-rod, there were some minor changes to the lighting and since I had lived in the US for a while, I did not have to go through the sales tax exercise, since it was considered part of my personal effects, and not as an 'import' as such. The paperwork was a real pain, but the actual inspection was dead easy.

Anyway, enough dribble from me for the moment, and lets see what you blokes have to say.

(Assume that you are moving from the US to Europe...)

Gauges and displays will have the "wrong" units. They read in miles and gallons, not kilometers and litres. The TPM will have pounds/square inch instead of bars or pascals (??). The analog speedometer has both mph and kph, but kph is in a smaller font. The fuel gauge and tachometer will work the same, but the cost to get the fuel gauge to move from the bottom to the top will be much higher in Europe.

I presume that the BMW dealer can reprogram the computer displays to change the units for the local region.
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