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Frits van Straten
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I am very happy to own a BMW K1200RS (03 white/blue zebra), a BMW K1 (black and yellow) and two Honda's (750's, for winter use).
The K12RS is a very nice tourer, has that amazing brake system and is well liked by me and my wifo too. She rides pillion, and does not ride a bike herself.
The K1 however is for me much more a sportsbike than the K12RS, even though it has less power. In curves I can lay the K1 far better on it's ears than the K12RS. The K1 dives when braking, but this is no disadvantage for me - it keeps the front wheel planted firmly. The K1 has a tube frame, more or less the same as the older K bikes, but it handles very good. The K1 has a different (better) front fork and maybe that is the difference. I also use a non-standard shock in the rear (German made Bilstein).
The Honda's are for winter use, when tere is a lot of salt on the roads and I do not want to risk my precious K bikes.

Greetings from Holland (with too many straight roads).

regards, Frits.

If you can laugh at your own stupidities, you have fun all year round!
BMW K1 '91 for sports, BMW K1200RS '03 for touring, Honda CB750K '80 for winter.
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