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Noobie Clarification on Battery Chargers

I am a very recent (a couple of days ago) BMW K1200GT owner (2008). Although a long time owner of a variety of different bikes, this is my first "canbus" bike.

I am actually having a bit of information overload here. I have found so much information on this subject that refer to a number of different year/model BMW bikes, that I'm not sure what specifically applies to me. And some of the information seems a little out of date and contradictory as well.

After many years of various technology, sizes, etc. of batteries, and various chargers, I am pretty much sold on Deltran Battery Tenders. I would prefer to use this proven technology to keep the battery topped up on my new BMW. Not to mention it's cheaper than the "over the top" BMW one!

I also would like simple connectivity for some temporary electronic devices like a GPS.

What I thought would be ideal is to have a second powerlet connector next to the factory one (I'm not even sure where the factory one is yet!) and have them marked "canbus" and "direct". I believe harnesses are sold for this purpose. I have also heard that you can "convert" your factory canbus powerlet connector to a "direct" connection. That might be an alternative to a second one, but my gut tells me to leave the factory one alone.

The plan would then be to get two powerlet "pigtails". One with the battery tender connector (leave on the battery tender) and one with a "cigarette lighter" socket (for other accessories). I have seen both of these for sale as well.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Convert the existing factory one to direct? Add a second one? Something else completely? Good online sources for the required hardware?

I want to jump on this pretty quick so I can keep my BMW on a Battery tender (Jr.) while in the garage (like all my other bikes).

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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