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1. I use an electric vest when the going gets cold.. Is there a socket on the S to plug it in?? and if not.. what are you guys doing?

Yes, but it's a 5 amp I believe. A couple of guys have disconnected it from the CAN BUs and hardwired it to the battery with an inline fuse that will handle greater loads.

2. Is there a certain site or post that lists all the options for the S? Can someone point me to a URL? I hate to ask somebody to list them all...

ABS delete, heated grips, ESA. Jerry, do your self a favor and don't buy a bike without the ESA. It's freakin awesome! The fancy paint will cost extra. A center stand is a dealer add on.

3. I use a standard battery tender on my RS.. Does the S have a Gel battery? or standard?
AGM battery but the Battery Tender designed for the Gel will work (the Advanced Tender I believe it's called) but it only works direct to the battery. You need the charger specific to the S if you want to plug it into the accessory outlet.

4. If a bike is traveling East in the Texas Hill Country at 152 mph for 30 minutes, stops for 10 minute gas-up, then proceeds West at 142MPH for 10 more minutes, how many tickets will he accumulate from Officer Sanchez?

Officer Dirty Sanchez or the normal guy?
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