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G'day Fellas.
Ox, as highlighted, no comment from my side on the person killed in the accident. I never knew him and at no stage mean to degrade.
That being said, I defy any one to convince me that riding, driving, flying extreme hours is a safe pastime, and any reasonable person would agree that a fatigued driver or rider places other road users at risk.
Mate with due respect. I'm currently at RAAF EDINBURGH undertaking training in stressors of aviation. Fatigue is a major issue and I've just had one of the worlds most qualified people in the area agree that the performance degradation experienced in this type of undertaking is extreme. One of the glaring consequences of fatigue is under estimation of you own loss of judgement and reaction time.
You say none of the riders in the recent run got speeding tickets. That's luck mate, don't for a second try to tell me they did 100KPH all the way on the open road! I'm not anti speeding in a deserted out back highway at all, but if over tired, and speeding, the risks go up accordingly.
I ride no more than 1000kms per day when travelling from Nth QLD to VIC and return as I don't consider any further safe nor enjoy it, and I,ll stick my neck out further and say I'm fitter than the average 46 year old bike rider due to my employment.
Enough of my ranting, it won't change anything, and is just my view, I'm not a bore on a bike, and have broken the rules on multiple occasions, so hope I'm not coming across as a hypocrite.
Ride safe mate, and watch out for those surf boards!.


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