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Originally Posted by AugWest
The only heat shield my 03 has on the bag is the metal foil tape crap on the bottom of the bag. No problems after thousands of miles.
Buy a new seat. I found a GT seat from another K, I think here, don't remember for sure. I use the GT seat for daily use. Sent the RS seat into Russell for conversion and use the Russell seat now for longer trips.
The bike takes a little getting used to but you should love it.
What kind of tires, or are you replacing right away?
Hey AUG... the foil tape is probably my plan at the moment. My seat does need help but my wallet at the moment is a bigger priority so the stock will have to do for a minute. The bike came with a set of Avon Storms that seem to have life left. The rear tire surface has a weird "squared-off" look to the curve of the tire and I'm wondering wtf.

Thanx for the info...
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