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Originally Posted by Meese
Sorry I missed you in Ventura, but I'm currently stuck in Dallas for a while . . .

Corwin and BMW Ventura are a great local shop and they know how to take care of their customers, even those just passing through.

As for the center stand, BTDT three times now. It's simply a poor design that's weakest right where the welded brace ends. See this thread for more discussion, and see post #17 for pics of how I fixed it permanently.

BTW, nice job supporting the MS bike ride. It's a good thing that you did there . . .
I'm going to be headed to the dealer this week to get the center stand dealt with and will report back with what they tell me. I'll suggest adding the K1300 stand as that seems like the way to go.

The MS ride was a lot of fun. I usually support the AIDS/Lifecycle on their Moto Safety team. That one is in June and is a week long. We pass through Ventura on the sixth day. I'll keep you posted. It would be good to meet you when I am in town.


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