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campfire? Humour? Looney bin?

Motorcycle Firearms

By Dr. Christopher Lee

With the growing popularity of personal firearms carry among motorcyclists, it's important to find the weapon that best meets our rather specific self defense needs. On occasion, a drunk driver or a car driver experiencing road rage will purposefully ram a motorcycle, which never works out well for the motorcyclist.

Use your superior agility and acceleration to evade the car if you can. However, because the driver is attacking the motorcyclist with a deadly weapon (the car), the motorcyclist is legally entitled to defend him or her self with lethal force, probably a firearm. Will you ever be in this situation? Let's hope not. But should you be, here are some suggestions that might just keep you alive:

When selecting a firearm for motorcycle carry, opt for one that has a ported barrel, especially if your choice is a lightweight gun in a magnum caliber. Ported barrels are a relatively new technology, and they significantly reduce the recoil of the firearm. That means that when you are firing from a moving motorcycle, the shot will be less likely to disrupt your balance.

Additionally, choose a high velocity medium bore cartridge (.357 Magnum, .38 Super, .357 Sig, or 9mm Luger+P). When you are firing at a moving vehicle, remember that the bullet must penetrate safety glass and still stay on target. .357/9mm high velocity or +P rounds are smaller in diameter than the big bore calibers, but pack a big punch; this translates into more penetration power. I use a Taurus Total Titanium Tracker, which is a very accurate seven shot .357 Magnum revolver.

For the same reason, keep relatively heavy weight (for example 158 grain in .357 Magnum) full metal jacket or jacketed soft point ammo in the firearm when on the road. Especially avoid hollow point bullets, which provide less penetration than standard cast lead bullets.

Practice firing the weapon from your motorcycle. For this, you need a large, privately owned, sparsely populated property area where you know ahead of time there will be no people wandering around. Start with dry fire practice. Pick a specific target (like a tree) as you are moving and track it, dry firing the gun 3-6 times at the target. Once you are comfortable taking your eyes off the road for the time it takes to fire 3-6 rounds, load the firearm and practice firing one round at a time at a paper target (so you can see where your bullets hit) in front of a safe backstop. Start with a smaller caliber if you have one available. (Another reason I like a .357 Magnum revolver is that you can use the same gun to fire the lighter .38 Special round.) Work your way up until you can empty all the chambers comfortably and accurately with full power ammunition.

If you decide to fire, FIRE AT THE DRIVER, NOT THE CAR. Obvious in retrospect, make sure you decide to fire at the driver before you engage to avoid time-consuming, and therefore dangerous, mistakes.

Once you hit the driver, get away from the car! The car could go ANYWHERE at that point, and the farther you move away from it, the less likely it is to accidentally hit you.
If you are ever in a situation where you are being attacked with lethal force on the road, it goes without saying that you should try to escape by any means possible that does not endanger your life or the life of innocent bystanders. Evade if you possibly can, resorting to lethal counter-force only as a last resort.

Christopher Lee is a Doctor of Psychology and has been a personal self defense instructor for over twelve years.
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There are some guns more appropriate for our bikes than others...
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I find a sawed off Winchester Model 1892, 44-40 Win. to work best....lots of times you just have to point it.and never shoot...saves on ammo...Remember...Its elligal to carry a loaded gun while in or on a motor vehicle....

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Originally Posted by BAK04GT
Remember...Its elligal to carry a loaded gun while in or on a motor vehicle....
Not in Texas.

9mm? At the very least .40 S&W. I kind of like the new Judge. It will fire a .45 revolver cartridge or a .410 shell.

What was that middle thang?
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Interesting article. I wonder if "Dr. Lee" has done this himself.

I believe myself to be a pretty good shot. I shot "expert" with the .38 and 9 mm in the service but I think I would be hard pressed to not shoot myself or run into something while concentrating on the target and not shooting anyone else.

Also, since I am a righty, I would have to use my throttle hand to have any type of accuracy. I guess one could use a throttle lock but the reduction in maneuverability would worry me more than anything else

Anyone actually try it? Not that I am condoning actually trying it.

FYI, yes, I do have a conceled weapons permit and yes, I do carry on the bike but I would never dream of shooting "on the run". Here is what I normally holster. .457 Smith & Wesson

Cheers! - Walt

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Originally Posted by Titanium5
Here is what I normally holster. .457 Smith & Wesson
Wow! A .457 S&W! I have to admit, I didn't click the link right away to see you were talking about a Model 457... I thought there was a new caliber out, and I was already thinking I had to have one!
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Yep Chuck, it's a MODEL 457. Not the caliber. My typo.

Shoots .45 ACP (Auto-Colt-Pistol) rounds. I enjoy the 230 grain Hydra-shocks but just normally shoot the "ball" ammo when target practicing. That amount of grain in the ammo sure can pack a punch, so you need to take a sec between shots because of the recoil. I am assuming that you would only need 1 or 2 on target shots with these loads to stop anything.

I bought it back in '97 and paid ~ $475 from a local gun retailer off McChord AFB near Tacoma Washington. One of my friends wanted one too after shooting mine but I guess the cost went up a couple hundred for these handguns. You should try it.

Cheers! - Walt

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on the run

Had a couple of incidents years ago when solo riders were shot off their bike whilst trying to do an intercept. I shot expert in everything except HMG in the army and was wondering how I would go, returning fire whilst riding. Tried a few practise rounds when I was out in the scrub. Decided the most likely outcome would be be losing my pistol.
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Interesting. Yea, I have visions of doing the same as well as hitting a bump and pulling the trigger by accident and shooting myself. HA!

I don't think they even train police to shoot from the saddle. I am not a cop so i can't qualify this statement. Just trying to use common sense....

Speaking of which, I hope none of the younger viewers to this forum actually try it. This isn't some type of fantasy where you are shooting at someone on the back of a horse (at least they were somewhat intelligent and didn't need constant control of the handlebars - er' reigns).

Personally, I am even surprised that a "Dr." even recommended this.

Cheers! - Walt
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I have trouble staying upright and "shooting " some asshole the finger, let alone burning gunpowder.With the speed,brakes,and handling of most bikes compared to almost any car,I see no reason for this to be an issue.Now while getting off the bike and some jerk wants to cause trouble,whole different story.I've come to the conclusion the best gun/caliber to have is what ever you got at the time.A 22 long rifle isnt my first choice, but if its what I had I would dam sure use it.Sometimes it hard to carry my favorites,either the 357 mag or a 44 mag.Then I really dont feel bad with my 380 Sig or even the 9 x 18 Mak.I wouldnt even feel too bad with the Ruger Old Army cap and ball.About the same as a 9 mm and it hits what I point it at.A bitch to do speed load tho.Mostly any gun you can hit with and feel confident with is anyones best choice.But,I may need one of those 457 smiths tho.The flying ashtray is hard to beat(45acp)!
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