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No, no, no. When I had the GT I changed bulbs for various reasons many times. You don't need to remove anything. I have a size 10 hand but very doable. IIRC dipped beam is on the right side. Crank the handlebars to one side so that you have the best room to maneuver Now, unscrew the plastic cap on the back, it's slotted with tabs think about a 1/4 turn anti clock and it will come off. Tip, if there are any zip ties near by, clip off any excess cause they will rip you skin. Now look in there and you will see the back of the bulb. Pull on the three pronged connector on the back of the bulb and push it out of the way. Now this is he tricky part, the bulb is held in place by a U shaped wire that has loops at each end. Put you fingers there and push one side away from you, towards the front, and at the same time towards the bulb to un hook it. It will pop backward. Same from the other side of the wire. Now swing the wire up. Be ready to catch the bulb as it might fall out. Align the new bulb, holding from the back, don't put your fingers in the glass! Align the three tabs and stick it in. If you look at the front of the headlight you can see that it is lined up correctly. Now swing the wire back down. Again, first few times this can get frustrating, push each side of the wire in and hook each side into the little hook on each side .. Try moving you hand/fingers to different angles to accomplish this. If you have ham hands, find a wife or child to clip it back on. Tip , when you get the bulb out, examined the area and connect the wire without the bulb in there just to see what needs to be done. Like I said it is very doable. I got it down to 5 minutes and really didn't have to look much, it's is mostly by feel.

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