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Smile synthetic oil

just my opinion based by 15 years of oil analysis at work in hydraulic motors and machine gearboxes. Synthetic is not vodoo oil it will not keep rings from seating or parts from wearing. It does have different properties relative to the different blends purpose. I put synthetic in first oil change and after 11500 miles have no problems noticed. Can sit on the sidestand for a few hours without the dreaded smoky ignition, haven't tried longer yet. Any how synthetic oil is for the most part synthesized dino oil with different anti wear additives for longer life. There a a few that are a pure synthetic stock non-paraffin based. Not mobile one. Synthetic oil is higher heat handling and has a longer lasting package of anti-wear zinc and phosphorous to name a couple. Changing the oil every 3000 doesn't run the risk of ruining most major oils, every 5000 most synthetics. Proper viscosity for your region is probably more critical due to start up wear. In short use what you like and don't over think it. Believe me if the BMW oil was voodoo oil it would be known through the free world shortly and you couldn't buy it without a bank transfer.

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