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Question Australia where are you?

Even Papio has disappeared ? Australia where are you ?This site has been so quiet for weeks.Daddicool ?
Anyhow thinking I may buy a R1200GS ?The K1300GT is very heavy and way to fast,I can see myself in front of the local Magistrates court telling lies for days on end.
Maybe a R1200GS is better than a Vespa?
Daddicool you must have told heaps of lies in the local courts? Any suggestions?
cheers Andrew
PS Happy Easter !
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A, fortunately I have been very lucky when it comes to the law man.

Ive just returned from a two week jaunt around Tassie and I had the best experience with a LEO ever!

I had been stuck behind this prick in an undercoat grey 50's something Chev styleside through a beautiful series of hilly sweepers with double white lines.

Speed limit was 100ks and through the sweepers where the double lines were he was doing 70ks. Whenever the road would straighten out he would accelerate to 110.

I put up with this for probably 15 or 20 ks until Id had enough. Next straight section he accelerates again and I dust him in 3rd gear.

As I move back into my lane we start to sweep left and I decide to put some distance between him and I. As I round the left hander im slowing down and there is a highway patrol car coming straight at me and I get the headlight flash and the Xmas tree lights come on.

I looked down at my speedo as I passed him and I was still 130+

I pulled over and waited for him thinking that maybe this was the end of my trip.

Single officer in the car, late 30s. I always take my helmet off so that they can see before the conversation starts that I am an old fart.

I explain the story about the dipshit in the ute and he says he understands as he rides bikes too. He says that he first clocked me at 138ks but didnt lock the radar until I was down to 114. (this was bullshit as I saw my own speed at 130+ after we had passed each other)

He then explains that the good thing about 114 in Tasmania is that he can write me a caution. How Fuc$ing good is this I think.

He explains that it sits on the computer and if I get picked up again on the island it will activate If i dont it expires!

Great experience. And I sure didnt speed in Tassie for the next 4 days that I was there.

Mate I went through the same experience as you probably 18 months ago. Went and rode an RT and when I got back on the GT there was no way I could have swapped her out for an RT.

I also had an 07 GSA for a while last year and they also weigh over 270kg with panniers so not much lighter than the GT.

Ive probably mellowed a little on the GT and the 200KPH+ sprints dont beckon me as often as they did.

Im not sure where you ride Andrew but the key for me is to stay in as twisty roads as I can and stick to the speed limits and just dont slow down for the corners.

Its those boring long roads that have the siren voices from the GT singing me into ballistic speeds that our QLD police have absolutely NO sense of humour about at all.

Take Care.

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OK Daddicool,well you have been lucky !In Victoria you loose your license at 125 KPH ! Think I have lived on the lucky side to be honest ! Does your GT have the motor cut out on it ?Mine does not seem to have any cut out and will happily rev right into the red line if you don't watch it.It really is a quick bike seeing it is so heavy !
I had a R1200GS years ago then I took a K1200S for a test ride !That was that.Anyhow had a K1300S on order and somehow ended up buying a GT not quite sure what happened.
Anyhow what the heck,loved the R1200GS but felt a bit left out when was getting passed on the straights.
cheers Andrew
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Tas cops are traditionally kind to the tourists, bit like Hanoi in that respect. My last court appearance was a camera fine, which cost them $180. Got a couple more tickets and offered to see them in court, but they declined the invitation. So far I have a clean sheet all round. But then it does help if a courtroom is a familiar environment. Have not yet got the full story whereas a guy from my home town slammed into the Outlaws, head on. Two dead at this stage. But those guys would have probably been parked right across the highway. Nice straight bit as I recall, almost outside the cemetery. I have no plans to update my bike. I figure that a 1200RS will be a bike worth having a long time in the future. Trying to figure where to go for a winter break. NT??Chengdu??Kuala Lumpur?? First one will involve the bike, next two wont. Seems the fashion lately to go to an eastern country and kill yourself on a bike. My nieces husband did it last year in Thailand. Heard of a few others. (just looking at my avatar. I remember what I was thinking. "How long are those bastards going to be in that restaurant. I came here to ride not eat")

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Crazy accident Papilio looks like straight section of road nice and clear etc?Looked like maybe a single Harley road into a group?Perhaps he was trying to stir the up by riding thru them head on Heavens knows!
Was standing in our local Motorcycle show room the other day a German tourist went thru a large round about and some how came out on the wrong side of the road?Anyhow side swiped someone trying to avoid,made a big mess of the disposalable car (Kia I think)
Its dangerous out there !
cheers Andrew
R1200RS is a good bike, go forever !
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I too had a very positive experience a few weeks ago. I was leading a group ride that ended up in Mildura - and as you know, country rail crossings are now an 80 km/h zone.

Anyway, I had just crossed one - at 80 km/h - and proceeded to accelerate away - before the 100 km/h sign. Sure enough a marked police car came bimbling the other way - on went the lights, and the U-Turn was made....:-(

I pulled over before he had completed the U-turn, and like you Daddicool, my helmet was off before he had pulled up.

He asked me for my licence, and advised me that he had clocked me at 112 km/h - which was 32 above - basically mandatory walking for a month speed.

We got chatting, and after checking my bike and licence details over the radio, he told me to watch out for railway crossings, have a great ride - and to "be careful of the traffic blokes, who will book you for anything".

Wow - the best I was hoping for was a reduced speed reading, so I could just have an on the spot fine - he was just warning me!

Suffice to say, I did behave myself for the rest of the trip. My get out of jail has been used up for the time being!


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