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Question K1300S engine cutting out coming to a stop... Anyone else?

I picked up the K13S on Apr 23rd and it runs beautifully. Have over 1200mi on it.

The only issue has occurred since 600mi about 6 times total... that is while downshifting and slowing down preparing to come to stop, the engine just "quietly" without notice shuts off, always while in 2nd or 3rd and under 30mph. Fuel level unrelated as it has done with full or partial tank of fuel.

No, I'm not forgetting to pull the clutch in soon enough. These incidents have been occurring once or twice at 180-mile intervals.

I know there have been similar experiences on late R's and even a few F's and one area dealership stated the problem has been actuators which control the butterflies not returning to normal operating positions, thus a stall while riding along or rough idling. The bike has no idling issues. BTW, the bike always starts immediately after it quits and runs fine after that.

So have any of you new K13 owners had the same problem(s)?

Thanks for any input. Have notified the dealer, but no response yet.

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Sure it isn't the switchgear? Seems to be an issue with the 1300's. Is it slowing shutting down like a lawnmower running out of gas, or is it immediate (electrical)?

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Several K1300S owners from the "other" forum, including myself, have this malady. It's not a big deal, but annoying nonetheless. Mine started after a couple thousand miles. I'm gonna monitor it and talk to the dealer. Keep us posted as to what your dealer says.
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The engine just shuts down immediately. But it is kind of "sneaky" since no lights show up on panel as would on a car/other bikes when you have ignition on but no motor running. And there is no alert that it's going to shut off... sometimes happens in the worst of situations like in traffic as your downshifting coming up to stopped traffic in front of you, or ready to make a turn!!!

Switchgear?? You mean the left-side new universal controls? If that isn't being "touched" why would motor cut off? So far it has not happened when I engaged turn signal... I think, but can't be certain it didn't happen one time.

Keep suggestions coming, and thanks.
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OK, here's what I've found out through an aftermarket supplier of K-bike accessories, S's in particular. The owner (has K1200S) and manager (also owns BMW and others) deal a lot with recent purchasers of the new K1300S who want stuff for their new bikes.

This month alone they have had 3 owners of K1300S's (I'm #3) who have the EXACT same issue my bike is having. And store manager said it is absolutely a computer issue! Told me to call BMW direct and ask them to "make a case" so a recall process can be put into action, as very few dealers and techs (who were trained primarily as R technicians) know what is going on with the K's.

I'm calling BMW tomorrow to tell them exactly what is happening, and tell them I want BMW to "make a case" on this bike. Those are the key words I was told to use when contacting BMW. Apparently the K12's computer was far worse than this but the K13's still need a new code written to take care of problem.

At any rate, computer issue or not, I'm lodging a complaint and case directly with BMW.
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Had the same thing happen to me. Same situation, coming to a stop, clutch in, downshifting then silence. Started right back up. Only happened to me once so far, but if you go to the BMW Superbikes.com forum several people there have had the same thing happen. I called BMW NA and spoke to Thomas ex:8849 , who of course said they haven't heard of this before. I posted for everyone to call in and report the problem, but we'll see what happens. I'm not sure anything has been done yet. So please call in and let them know it happened to you too. I have since been trying to get the bike to do it again, but it won't, and I hope it never does again, but I am not that foolish!

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Does you're bike have a quicker shifter, if it does it's possible that there is a relationship between QS and you’re problem. As you know the quick shifter QS cut the motor momentarily between shifts. It is possible when shifting you are getting a bounce switch bounce from the QS the computers stop the motor cause it does not know what to do.
Have you noticed any other changes in the bike operation?

I would not call it a computer error; it could be that something on the bike it out of adjustment like the QS and when the computer does not know what to do it kill the motor. I always had been concerned about having so many techs stuff on a bike.

I could also be related to one of the other features on the bike. My K1200S never did anything like this. So for neither has my K1300S but it does not have many miles
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I don't think the QS has anything to do with it. Mine does it very infrequently, and ONLY after decelerating in 1st or 2nd gear and clutching, not when downshifting. I think it's possibly an idle control device issue.
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I'm not seeing a connection to the GS Asst/QS as shutdowns have only occurred while doing nice, easy downshifts at speeds under 30mph approaching a stopping situation. It is has not happened going into 1st as I never downshift to 1st unless I'm going too slow for 2nd and the traffic has just started to move out, thus no need to come to full stop.

I've talked to two dealers and neither have heard such a report, but the S's have really only been available here for a very short period of time. Both thought that there may be an electrical glitch, but the one does admit possibility of computer not accounting for certain situations and just shuts engine down. Anyway, have an appt on May 26 and they'll check it all out and see if there's any code showing. That dealer also told me not to start the bike immediately if at all possible, but wait perhaps 10sec as he says starting the motor immediately may not allow enough time for the code "to be registered/stored". He also said if there is truly a fix patch needed in the software, it'll take months for BMW to get it done. Hah!

This service manager also suggested I note how much fuel was in tank when incidents occurred, past and future. I had considered that and believe the tank was near full in all situations, but just can't be sure. I fill only to bottom of the fill extension.
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I too have the QS, but I really don't see that as the culprit here either. It is only supposed to MOMENTARILY shut down the ignition, not anywhere long enough to stop the motor. Besides this happens when downshifting, not upshifting. I also noticed that my tach bounces from about 850 to 1100 rpm at idle, in fast movements, not a slow up and down. Seems like a bad sensor or bad connection somewhere, just putting that out to see if anyone else noticed that and has the stalling happen. I tried the last few rides to make it happen again, but it wouldn't, not that I'm upset or anything. I also thought about the gas level, but tank was at least 3/4 full when it happened. Seems it was pretty common on the 1200s, hope that is NOT the case here!
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