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K1300s hp

I am thinking of buying a 2012 K1300S HP with about 8000 miles on it. Dealer tells me it’s in Excellent condition and he wants about $13K for it. Any thoughts, comments etc are greatly appreciated. By the way I’m a 67 year old man. Weigh about 270. Old fart. Thx. Paul
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How good are your knees?

2009 K1300 GT
1984 Kawasaki ZX750-E1 Turbo
1990 Kawasaki ZX600R
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2004 Honda CBR600RR - gone

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I'm seeing low miles K 1300 S bikes for under $9000. You aren't getting that much more out of an HP to make it worth that much. You will always see dealers asking about $3000 more then anything is worth. That's why I don't buy motorcycles from dealers.

The previous post is making a good point. You had better have decent knees to ride a K Bike especially if you are over, say 5' 9". I am 71 years old and stand 6' 1". The only way I can get away with it is that I have always been athletic and don't suffer from arthritis.

Should you decide to give these bikes a shot and find you need to straighten you legs a little, you can lower the foot pegs and or get the higher seat.

I've been on my '08 K 1200 S for 8 years now and still love the bike. I have done the complete circle route of the US and travel between Seattle, Wash. and Las Cruses, New Mexico (1500 miles) to visit family regularly. Got about 50 K miles on the clock. I was disappointed to see the model discontinued and believe it was a mistake to drop a true Sport Touring bike with 30+ years of history for a copy of a Goldwing. The only reason they did it was because the K-40s were too close to the new S-Bikes market. I was even considering an S-Bike myself but will never go back to a chain driven bike again.
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how are your wrists and neck?

I'm 5'10 and 64 years old. I decided to sell my K-1300S to my 5'5" step-son because I could never ride it any appreciable distance without my neck and wrist hurting. If I pushed it, I might be able to 300 miles down the road before tapping out. I had the pegs lowered and helibars installed which helped a little, but you are still bent over on the S, not as badly as a Busa or Triumph Daytona, but unless you can relax on the bike and not squeeze the throttle or use your wrists to support your upper body while braking, you are going to be miserable after a couple of hours of fun. I solved the problem by selling the bike and getting a K-1300GT. It is a little heavier, doesn't handle as well and definitely not as fast, but I am sitting with a lot less lean and it is plenty good for the streets. With the step-son being shorter, the S is the perfect bike for him, he is sitting more upright and can ride forever.

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I'm 61 and 6'-1" with a 33'" inseam, I have an 06 k1200s; after installing helibars I feel less cramped but I am considering lowering the pegs as well. I purchased a Sergeant seat off eBay (unbeknownst to me) had been modified for taller riders which put me on top of the bike as opposed to more in the bike as with the stock seat. I sent the seat to Sergeant and they corrected it to a standard seat which is perfect for me. I actually like the stock seat, but for, the downward (jewel-crushing) into the tank design. Going down steep inclines made for less than comfortable ride without squeezing the hell out of the bodywork. I work at staying in good shape which also helps. The thing that sold me on the bike was it's balance and it felt so much lighter than it is. I do think long legged folks will feel cramped on this bike without mods.

I think the price is rather high for a seven soon to be eight year old bike. A great bike to be sure if it fits you well or can be modded to fit you well; otherwise, you might consider the GT.
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I'll weigh in here (pun intended) that I'm six foot six and a fraction, 280 lbs (more when fully geared to ride) and I don't have position problems. I'm also just 66 yo.

All that aside, your riding position satisfaction will depend on your tolerance and flexibility.

The seller is out of his tree with that price. Go on cycletrader.com, 2010 K1300GTs are in the $7000 to $8000 range, discounting outliers. I would not pay more.
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Originally Posted by Phadler View Post
I am thinking of buying a 2012 K1300S HP with about 8000 miles on it. Dealer tells me itís in Excellent condition and he wants about $13K for it. Any thoughts, comments etc are greatly appreciated. By the way Iím a 67 year old man. Weigh about 270. Old fart. Thx. Paul
I'm a 65-year-old man with a 2015 K1300s MS, bought new in October 2014. I'd been riding a 1985 K100rs, purchased new in Germany on a tour. Before that I had another K100rs, and before that two RS's and an S. So the K1300s is a bike with the same riding position/style as pretty much all my bikes since the 1978 R100RS.

So I've been riding these since I was in my 20's. And truthfully, none of them have been very comfortable. I can't decide if the R100rs's were more comfortable or I was just younger when I rode them.

In all my years, a 400-mile day on these bikes has generally been about as much as I can stand. By that time my butt is hamburger and I can hardly bear to keep sitting. (That gets better by the end of a week of touring as my butt gets used to it, but I don't ride often enough to avoid saddle sores.) It's not just my butt, though that is the worst. My knees are on fire (one damaged in 1978 in amotorcycle wreck, the other in 2018 in a taekwondo incident.) My wrists and lower back are quite sore as well, particularly at low speeds.

So - first tip, the bike is most comfortable at 85mph, where the wind (for me) against my shoulders balances out the weight on my wrists. The worst is putting along at slow speeds. Here is a typical scenario for me. I drive from Phoenix to Colorado via 4-corners. 2 hours up the Interstate, gas up in Flagstaff and begin a couple hundred miles of 2-lane desert road across the Navaho Reservation. 425 miles to Cortez, and by the time I get there I want to lie down an hour before dragging myself out to dinner. The end of the ride is bad. After hundreds of miles at speed, you have to take the last 20-25 miles into town at about 45 mph due to traffic. And you're just dying at that speed since there is no wind to balance your weight. Everything is sore.

Next day, not so much an issue because the riding is great, and varied. And it's the type of area where you stop more often too.

I'm 6'2", with a 32 inch inseam. I use a Corbin heated seat, which is better than the stock one, but is a bit hard and could use a bit more padding. I have stock handlebars.

So - I find this bike uncormfortable, in exactly the same ways as my previous bikes. It's the riding position, basically. It's a great bike for cruising the open west, or blasting interstates, but it's perhaps one of the worst bikes for putting along at slow speed in traffic for hours.
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I used to own a K1200S, a deer killed it. They are nasty hot rods (in town driving a struggle with some of them) that the Engineering company Recaro redesigned the engine for driveability and more torque along with the increase in HP. Took a new air box and software to make it run. Some K13GT bikes have drive ability issues, especially in hot weather. Not all K bikes run sweet. My 09 k13s does now. Yes 13 grand is on the high side, 10 or 11 would be better. But it is basically a new bike with no warranty though. I really like my K bike but keep in mind it is the most expensive of the BMW bikes to maintain. New tires every 5000 miles or less is just one item. You can not ride it using your arms to hold you up. Trouble if you do. You need to use your legs and body muscles to hold you up and your shoulders and arms need to be relaxed. Once you learn this you can go all day not problem. Learn to do most of not all of your maintenance and find a place to install tires cheap. Offer 11.5 and see what happens. Will the dealer let you go out for half an hour?
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New member on the forum, just got my license a few months ago and have been practicing on a F650GS.

This is an informative conversation. I'm 61, about 5-9, thinking about upgrading to a K1300. Love the look of them, especially the motorsports edition, but I admit I am concerned about the riding position and how long I could stay in that position, at my age. My knees are starting to give me a little trouble, and I've already had to subject myself to ACDF surgery (neck fusion) a few years ago. That's my biggest reminder I'm no longer 25.

I see some reasonably priced K1200s (like a 12k mile 2008 for $1500 -- that's probably an extreme example that seems too good to be true, but I see several in the $4k neighborhood) and wonder if I might be better off to spend less money on an earlier example to see how I do with the riding position, rather than spend $12k or so on a motorsport edition and then find out I can't take it. I'm aware of the chain guard issue, and have received numerous comments about why the K1300 is a better bike than the K1200, that the K13 apparently fixed a number of issues experienced in the K12.

Thanks for any comments.

John M.
Naples, FL
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Neck fusion? If you haven't been riding a sport bike then a K1300S is not for you.

2009 K1300 GT
1984 Kawasaki ZX750-E1 Turbo
1990 Kawasaki ZX600R
2005 R1200 RT - gone
2008 Honda CBR1000 RR - gone
2004 Honda CBR600RR - gone

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