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Thumbs up First Day

I thought I kinda liked the bike on my way home with it. The "music" that follows high rpm was nice, but I didn't "GET IT" just yet.

Today I went out all alone, on some very excellent roads, with an open mind and joyful spirit. I found myself challenged to ride better than I ever have before, and I've had some pretty amazing motorcycles in my lifetime. This bike really makes me wish I bought one years ago. I am so grateful to have one now, finally. I would never believe how good it is until I finally own one now and this is just the beginning!

My point is, it's not just one thing or another. It's not just the big power, the sound, the ride, the's all of that together at the same time. The handling compliments the power, and vice versa. It's just one tight package that blows my mind. Thank you BMW!! I set it to "normal"......and let me say's NOT's SUPERLATIVE!!

2000 Night Train

2004 Daytona 955i

2014 ZX14-R

2015 K1300S
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Good luck with the bike
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How does it seem compared to your ZX14?

Be sure to try riding it with 38/42 psi in the tires. And don't expect much from the stock M3's, if still on there. (2500-3000 miles typically). I love my Pirelli Angel GT's.

Some things that I did to mine that improved it significantly:
- $12 grip puppies. Neoprene slide-ons that reduce vibration and make the skinny grip a little fatter.
- carefully adjusting throttle cable play. There was too much play initially, and the bike was very easy to stall in traffic
- Fiamm horn to replaced the meeper with a beeper.
- Booster Plug. This thing mostly cleared up the delay around 5,000 rpm under acceleration and it really, really improved low-power throttle response. Made it much less likely for me to stall it in traffic. Just eliminated a lot of frustrations with the overly-lean fueling map.
-a pair of switched Powerlet outlets in the front fairing panel (see my pics here: BMW Motorcycle I added a power distribution fuse box as well there, and my mechanic tied it to the Canbus system at the tail light somehow (to make it switch off after key is off).

-to fix a hot start issue I had the BMW hot start 'kit' done by the dealer. This first involved some 2-hour test to determine it was needed (at BMW's expense, for both test and kit). Installation of the kit took the dealer a couple of hours. Kit had to be ordered after the hot start testing, so this isn't something you just drive to the dealer to have done in a day.

I added Sport Panniers and a luggage grid. Like many many others, the nuts pressed into the grab handles spun in place and the BMW dealer had to warranty-replace some frame members when installing the luggage grid. Look into this closely if you plan on adding a luggage grip.

I added a centerstand, but I've rarely used it. I thought a) it would be easier to fuel on the centerstand, b) the stock sidestand would sink into the hot Phoenix asphault, and c) I'd just use it all the time like I did on my K100RS (to prevent smoking on startup). Turns out I almost never use it, but it did come in handy on a trip once when I punctured the rear tire. (Bike was too low to use the sidestand.)

I didn't like the stock seat and replaced it with a heated Corbin seat. That heat is a godsend in cold weather, but Corbin seats run a little hard. Ask for a bit more padding than stock. I tried sitting on a mouse pad for a bit on my last trip (proof of concept), and it was significantly more comfortable - until the pad blew off at some point.
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I bought some grip puppies, I'll play with them soon. I ride my Night Train to work and blop around town on the HD, and let my prized BMW remain clean, polished, waxed and covered in my garage until it's time to really ride. I live 4 miles from my office, so why tease the K bike with that, it's an insult.

Compared to the ZX14, it feels as though the wings have sprouted. While the Kawasaki is considered "aircraft", the BMW actually is. The suspension is far superior, the ride much better and if it weren't for the gorgeous metallic black and green color scheme on my beloved Ninja, it would be for sale.

Part of owning multiple bikes is the visual allure and pride of ownership. As Ducati once had a slogan..."When you're ready to ride"....that's how I feel about the K13. My other two, HD NightTrain and Kawi ZX14R, are "When I'm ready to admire"....not necessarily "ride"....although the Harley is very amusing at 50-60 mph.

I'm excited to try that air pressure on the BMW. Especially now because I was always do under inflated due to a faulty gauge!

2000 Night Train

2004 Daytona 955i

2014 ZX14-R

2015 K1300S
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The Grip Puppies can be a bear to put on - unless you wet the original grips first. Then they sort of just slide on.

I was on a ride to the grand canyon a couple of weeks ago when a mystery bike passed me coming out of Flagstaff. We rode together then next 50 miles or so until it turned toward Tuba City and I went on north. I was thinking it might have been some version of a ZX-14, but I've been unable to find a picture of anything that quite matched it. It was all in white and I didn't see any logos on it anywhere, though I didn't look at it at very closely. It had very angular and unusually-shaped mirrors mounted off the handlebars. It had what looked like OEM saddlebags. It was pretty fast - on a par with the K1300s, perhaps a wee bit slower at maximum power. Good looking bike. Too bad it wasn't going to the north rim.

A couple of little side notes. Checking oil level on the K1300s can be tricky. Be very careful. The engine can hold some oil somewhere that doesn't always show up, and if you then fill the oil up to the upper sight level on the tube, you can easily overfill the bike by a 1/2 quart.

If you have the hot start issue it will typically look like this: you shut the bike off when it is hot, and it doesn't initially want to turn over. Mine would simple sort of click and give up The second push of the starter button would have it fire up as if nothing ever happened. Others have had to let the bike cool down before it will restart. The hot fix kit looks to consist of thinker wires from relay to battery plus a better starter relay. The symptoms are a lot like a weak battery.

My bike, and many (all?) others have fueling that is too lean. It results in both unpredictable throttle behavior at very low revs and power levels (think releasing the clutch at a stop) and easily stalling the bike. Not a fun thing to have happen when turning left in traffic coupled with a hot start problem. Another symptom is a pronounced lag in power around 5000 rpm at full acceleration. By adding a booster plug, most of that goes away. A Booster Plug tells the bike that the temperature is different and causes the fueling to run richer. An alternative that is better and much more expensive is having the fuel system remapped entirely.

The bike steers more accurately just by adding 2 psi to the front tire. I run 38/42 typically, sometimes a bit more. I've not noticed any handling differences with different rear pressures around the stock recommendation. Pirellie Angel GT tires are very good on this bike. I am interested in trying the new version 2 GT's next.

Some people use an awl to poke a hole in the fuel filler neck to allow the gas tank to be filled more easily/quickly.
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