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Fuel octane boosters

Greetings all.

Relatively new to this site but not new to Beemer ownership. Have owned 6 K bikes over the years, including the 7th K shipped to the States back in 1984 (titled as 1985).

1985 K100RS

3 1987 K100RS ( Bad year. Crashed two in 3 months. All totaled but body survived relatively well.)

1994 K1100RS

1998 K1200RS

2006 K1200S

Recently moved the bike from the Midwest to Nevada. Have a second home out here about 25mi SW of Reno. The K loves the mountains.!!!

I'm having a very difficult time finding fuel with an octane rating above 91. Manual calls for 95-98 ROZ. Have found only one gas station that sells fuel with this rating and it's about 25mi away. So I'm wondering about fuel octane boosters. Is there any BMW-recommended boosters or can anyone recommend a brand to use.????

Thanks much in advance.
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I thought everyone in USA knew by now.

Euros measure octane differently than we do, and unless translated, their octane requirements don't work in USA.

USA generally uses (R+M)/2 = the average of the Research Octane Number and the Motor Octane Number. Never mind how they are arrived at, the equipment is very expensive.

If you can't use 92 or 92 octane, use the best you can get and be happy with it. M K1300GT ran several years on E90 87 octane, though I don't use it any more. I'd not use octane boosters nor would I mess with whatever formula your local supplier uses. If you really have to, toluene can raise the octane rating, but the risk is yours.

Octane ratings in cold areas vary a bit seasonally, but there's little we can do about that. The reason is that cold gas doesn't evaporate (vaporize) as well, so octane rating goes down in cold times (i.e., gets easier to vaporize).
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95 ROZ is European measurement formula for 91 Octane USA using the formula above. So your 91 that you have found is just fine. Look up "Top Tier" gas and go with that for a brand. And don't buy premium fuel from a podunk rural station that probably seldom sells much. If your stuck and need to get some gas and the station is questionable, get regular. Most higher altitude areas in the states only sell 91. The bike can tell the difference in some fuel. In Canada and some Sonoco stations you can get 94 octane fuel. You would be surprised at the difference. Traveling across the mid west once on my K13S we were force to buy some 87 octane fuel. Passing was a good experiment, the bike had to be shifted down to 5 to get reasonable HP. We ran into some 94 Octane the next fill up. Must have gained 15 hp. It was so noticeable.

Mount Vernon, WA.
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Airports sell something called 100LL (Low Lead). It's actually high lead but you know marketing folks, aka "clean coal"
Anyway, lead is still used in aviation gas and it's probably higher equivalent octane than you can get at a normal gas station, although it's probably not really 100 octane. It might be a challenge to find an airport that will sell it to you, but it's worth a try if you are really concerned about this. It's quite a bit more expensive than Starvin Marvin.
On a side note: I have had trouble finding kerosene for my shop. So I checked the local airport, because Jet A is just kerosene. They would not sell me any - who knows why? Extreme fear of lawyers? Anyway, I have to use Diesel in my shop parts washer, since kerosene is crazy expensive at Tractor Supply or Home Depot and all the local places that used to sell it for heaters and such don't have it anymore.
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My k1200s likes Kemco Oil Octane Supreme 130 at one oz per gallon of 91.
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"Regular Gasoline/Petroleum" in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States

RON. MON. AKI or (R+M)/2
91-92 82-83 87

I’m using 98 RON in my k1200R. We also have 95 RON which works fine but with a slight power loss however the bike still has more than enough.

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I've been resisting commenting because I do feel most octane boosters are questionable. I'm old school. A product called blendzall was formulated to use in 2 stroke engines as the lube oil with the gas, but I use Blendzall Gold Lable some times. Makes the bike smell like a model airplane engine. Really a good upper end lube and helps as a friction reducer. But, I took the bike to a shop with a dyno and ran no additive and then ran with Blendzall Gold in the tank. Gained some hp on the meter, not much but it was there. Way less than a statistical significance but it was on the meter. (this coming form a butt who took two years of statistical math in college.)
When I run a few tanks with Blendzall the bike seems to purr. I am lucky because there are a couple of places I can buy non ethanol fuel. So the combo makes my ladies go for it.

Mount Vernon, WA.
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I remember making and flying model airplanes as a kid. The fuel for those tiny two-stroke engines was IIRC methanol (and apparently sometimes nitromethane) with castor oil added for lubrication.
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I believe the reason airports wonít sell you fuel for a motorcycle or any street vehicle is that there is no road tax on it. Also, when I was flying about 8 years ago, 100LL was around $5.00 a gallon. Knowing how anything to do with aviation involves upwards ratcheting prices, Iím sure any pilot would now jump at $5.00 a gallon 100LL.

2015 K1300S
2016 R1200RS
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Fuel Octane Boosters

I can get some 100+ racing fuel from a local card lock station that is popular with all the high performance boaters around here at a cost of about $8.00 per gallon. While this does make a positive difference of about 2-3 MPG overall it does not provide a significant difference based on my SOP meter. Same with ethanol blends. I can't seem to notice a difference between ethanol free and blends though others will argue the point. I think shelf-life is the biggest factor to consider when buying fuel. But if you are going through Austin, NV you will have to buy the fuel they have at the one station in town. Really funny though my Ducati seemed to run like a screaming Italian witch with anything I put in the tank.
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