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New S is here 250 miles later. Long

250 miles later here are some observations and questions. Disclaimer first. I am 6.1" 32" in-seam. 245lbs.

97 R1200C was my first BMW (Sold)
04 R1150RT got me into Touring (Sold)

Currently I have a 2002 K1200LTC with 11500 miles on it, bought it with 5500. I think the LT is just about the best bike out there in so many, so many ways. But I caved and bought an S so I can ride alone and have serious fun.

Well and seriouns fun this bike is, arrived wet and ready to go on Tuesday and on Tuesday after work I put 200 miles on it, 50 miles today. This bike has some serious power, power I have never experienced before, it rides in an RPM range (although I am breaking in per manufacturer instructions) that is very very different than my LT. Nonetheless it is a different bike, different engine so I expected to but here are some observations/questions

1 - HandleBar risers might be in the horizon I get a terrible forearm ache after riding if for a while to a point a cannot streched my arms out completely. Feels exaclty like Basic Training after dropping on the ground and calling 50 push ups, feels like push ups. Anyone else?. Before I drop the dime on the risers will I get used to it? Otherwise back and shoulders are fine is my forearms that are hurting.

2 - SECOND GEAR, the clunk it makes going into second gear is something I have NEVER experience on ANY bike, and this is NOT my first new bike. Man it makes me wonder if the tranny is about to fall out or I not shifting it at the right speed or RPM range? will it get better? First is fine normal clunk, pull the clutch in 30 seconds before shifting into 1st and you fine, third is notchy, 4th/5th/6th engage beatifully but SECOND..... is very scary, when I go in for the 600 I will have to have that checked.

3- ESA Mode is pretty much going to stay on normal, comfort is too loose on the curves and too loose on the highway, Sport is waaaay to jerky, the bike just feels jerky. Normal mode pretty much satisfies me throught out.

4- How do I know if I have ABS?. Mainly because the Bill of Sale from the dealer DOES NOT break that down, I just has the final price he and I agreed on it. I know the bike has a 04/2005 Build Date but I can't tell if it has ABS or NOT.I have to get used to the fact that the rear brakes are NOT linked, I use my rear brakes on my LT a lot.

Coming from an LT, which is a bike you work hard on changing gears to get more power. The S man, you lug it down to 40 in 5th and just pull right back up, I love it, the hightest RPM I have had the bike its been 6K at 90 miles per hour, no vibration nothing just normal cruising. MY BMW Bags should be here tomorrow.
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Welcome to the fold
You will get used to the bars, save your money. Second gear and shifting in general gets better with mileage and in my case 15x50 Mobil 1 after 4 k miles. ABS, look on the left side of the front wheel inside diameter of the rotor, thin perforated disk? you have it, or just lock the rear wheel in stones and see, you should lock both to see how it works anyway.
hope this helps
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1. Yes, if you use your back and abdominal muscles to support your upper body weight, not your arms.

2. 1st to 2nd does clunk but then so did my ZZR 1200. It's the 2nd to 3rd clunk which I find worse. Others with more miles on their bikes say it eases with time.

3. Whatever suits you. The right level of preload is probably more the issue. I think the bike is setup for the notional average rider who weighs about 80 kilos - 180 Lbs or thereabouts so at 245 Lbs you might want the preload setting on Rider plus Luggage.

4. If you have ABS there is a serrated ring bolted onto the left hand side of the front wheel inside the brake disk, which the ABS sensor reads.

The brakes are linked. Operating the front brake also operates the rear brake - I think 2 out of 4 calipers. The rear brake pedal only operates the rear brake.
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I think the brakes are linked 75/25 (front/rear). (Which is why we go through back tires like crazy) My M1 lasted 2200 miles, my Z6 lasted 3200 and belts showing.

For 2nd gear, either short shift it or run it up to about 5k rpms before shifting - anywhere in the middle it's clunky. I've had mine pop out of 3rd gear lately a few times, for unknown reaons.
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Welcome to the " S " group.

In answer to your questions:

Shift Clunk( 1st. to 2nd.) : swifting at a higher RPM will help to smooth things out .... around 4500 - 5000.

Give the existing bars some time ..... you will get use to them.

I came off a KRS for the KS and never looked back. It is one fun bike.


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it took me a couple hundred miles to get use to the seating position of the S but now my wrists and hands no longer hurt and i find the bike very comfortable to ride. it's my understanding if you have ESA you have ABS. i found that if i switch into 2nd gear above 4500 rpms the clunk is minimal but still an annoying noise especially coming from a smooth shifting KRS. i'm 5'11" 230 lbs and i have no problem with ESA in any setting, i have it set for one rider no luggage.
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Congrats on the new bike. I am still waiting. Any time now.

I ordered mine with no ABS but with ESA so the two are not connected and don't have to be. But if you have ABS you should be able to simply turn the key on and then pull the front brake lever and hear an audible whine from the servo assist motor in the brake system.

2004 KTM 950 Adventure S
2010 BMW R1200GS Adventure
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Thanks guys

Thanks for all the responses, this morning on my way to work I decided to shift into second at higher RPMs..still trying to get used to the fact that I have lots left to go passed 5K, my LT 5K is pretty much IT. And you all are right it sure feels better and less clunky at higher RPM's. My co-worker which races GSXr told me 'You can be more aggresive with this bike Darcy'...LOL.

Yes ABS is present I gues the brakes are just less grabby when the LT brakes I have on my 02. So something else to get used to.

BMW Saddle bags should be here today I hope.
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Howdy Darcy,

Congratulations on the new "K" bike. You're going to have a blast!

Originally Posted by ATLDB
... I decided to shift into second at higher RPMs..still trying to get used to the fact that I have lots left to go passed 5K, my LT 5K is pretty much IT.
Even during break-in you're allowed, if not encouraged, to run the rpm's up to higher levels and back down. You should not run at "sustained" high rpms.
You mentioned the LT being pretty much IT at 5K rpm. I beg to differ, that's where the LT BEGINS to run. If you still have your LT, next time you ride it don't shift until 7,500 rpm going from second to third....and from third to fourth (but you'll be going pretty fast by then) and it'll be like a new bike.... a bitch'n bike.

A little trick with the LT....if you're lazily riding use the 4,500 rpm "buzz" as the up-shift point. If you're having fun, get on the other side of 4,500 rpm and use the "buzz" as your down-shift point. Make sure you hit that rev limiter next ride.

On the K-S it's harder to do this unless you have a LOT of open road. The bike doesn't hit stride until after 7,000 rpm. THEN it takes off "like a scalded ape".

Originally Posted by ATLDB
My co-worker which races GSXr told me 'You can be more aggresive with this bike Darcy'...LOL....
I agree with your co-worker, but, at the same time encourage you to only do what you're comfortable with. That bike is, as my son says, "STUPID FAST", and VERY BAD things can happen VERY FAST.

It's the right time of year, maybe you can find a Track Day to go out on. They are an excellent and safe way to, as you co-worker said, "be more aggressive with this bike Darcy".


Bill "Omaha"

"Life may have begun at 44, but it didn't get thrilling until I shot past 100"

'06 K1200R "Wolfgang" White Aluminum Metallic, FB 6/7/05
'04 K1200LT "Dieter" Titan Silver, FB 4/23/04
RCB, AMA, BMWMOA, Booze Brother "in training"

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I, too, share your somewhat "manly" physique. I am towards the 220's at 6'-1" and a 33" leg. I just bought my "S" last Thursday and on Sunday I put her on the track... At first I was really good about keeping it at or below 5,000 rpm, but as the day progressed, so did my confidence on the abilities of the bike...

And then there was that Ducati 746 that passed me...

...that I caught up to...

...and then passed and stayed ahead of...

Oh yeah!
The bike now has nearly 700 miles on it and I need to do the service ASAP. Yesterday I took at trip to Oakland and back for biz'. Spend nearly 250 miles on it (I took the river-route back home) and I feel great!!

BillyO: Great riding/talking with you Sunday, bud. These bikes are way too fun, huh??

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