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Originally Posted by raytracer
I live in PV too. Too brutally hot to do much riding in the dog days of summer. When I do ride, I try to wear my mesh alpinestars jacket, but since it is black, it soaks up the heat. I usually only wear it for longer high speed rides. Unfortunately, around town, I often end up riding in just a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes the danger of overheating and being uncomfortable is greater than the danger of crashing without protection.

Not to be contary, but I don't understand comparing the 'danger' of overheating and being uncomfortable with the very real consequences of crashing in just a T-shirt. Unless you die of heat prostration, that is . I wear a perforated, all white (yup, white) leather Icon Pursuit and a white helmet. True, not as cool as a T but safe. Kinda looks like a Star Wars storm-trooper, but is also highly visible. The white leather is at least 15 degrees cooler than black at a complete stand still and the perfs work really well. P.S.- According to some, most accidents happen around town. Just my 3 cents. Cheers and be safe.
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