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Originally Posted by bostewart
Currently I have 3 helmets, a Davida Lunar (size XL), a Scorpion (size XL), and a HJC (size L). The first two- after riding about an hour- start to press on the center of my forehead right under my hairline, and that's irritating enough. But after 2 hours, I want to rip the helmet off and toss it. And I hate to revert to the $75 HJC and leave two expensive helmets on the shelf.

Okay, so maybe I have a big melon. And there is no way that test-riding any helmet is going to tell me if the same thing will happen with any other helmet- it was months before the Lunar started bothering me.

I quit the Scorpion because it has a seam that runs vertically in the front center, which I thought was the culprit. Tried a bit of padding, but short of gluing it in, that wont stay in place and is just annoying.

Anyone else solved this problem? I'd like to find small gel inserts to place above my eyes, to alleviate this pressure. But I am open to some suggestions before I giveour hel up helmets altogether and just wear a baseball cap backwards.
Mayby your helmets are too big ? - I had the same problem with a shark helmet and went down a size. This moved/spreaded the pressure and it felt like a completely other helmet.

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