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What a day

On the way to work, two kids walking to school throw rocks at me on my bike. I slid it sideways and came back. One took off running and the other just stood there. I asked him, well really yelled "What are you doing"he started to cry. I was so mad. Finally I asked if he was going to school and what his name was so I could tell them at school what he had done. Then rode off. Well on the way home at the same spot a SUV tied to squeeze between me and the curb at a red light. The windows were black and I couldn't see the driver, so I yelled out " what kind of idiot are you" . He throw it in park and started to get out. I'm not a small guy, so he got back in and drove off.

Did I have a big bulls eye on me or is the road just getting crazy?

Sorry for the rant , but what a day

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that sucks,

That sucks, and I have to tell you I feel for you my man. On time I had a guy in a BMW cage come up from behind me in a turn and push me in to the oncoming lane. I kicked his car, not even that hard. He told me to pull over. I did just behind his car as I got off my bike he guns his car and pulls away. What the hell. You should have taken the kids books or something to let him know not to mess with people.
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Sounds like you got the same kids throwing rocks that I had 40 years ago. When I went around the block to come back to them I spotted a sheriff and told him. He went looking but they were long gone. Sucks. You really cannot do squat to them nowadays anyhoo.

Buddy's truck got broke into by some 17 year olds and they stole it out of his driveway around 9PM and stripped it behind a supermarket. Sheriff's helicopter spotted them and they took off so the car cops caught them. He cannot even go after their parents for the damages since they are minors and they block their names in the police report. His only recourse was his insurance and the $500 deductible.

The other encounter I had was some guy in an old beater truck with no plates who intentionally pushed me on my bike from behind at an entrance light to a freeway. When I felt it, I looked in the mirror and the guy was laughing like crazy. Once onto the freeway (no where to stop) he tried to weave into the side of me. My only option was to throttle it and outrun him which I did. Screw the speed limit in this case. Not much you can do some days.

You really have no defense on a bike other than throttle in traffic. Brandish in CA? Ha! They can run you off the bike and wreck your day before you could even grab a gun.

Crazy world.

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As for the kids, well, I dont think I ever threw rocks at bikes but I did throw them at the side of the bus that used to come past our house. Im sure I have confessed with numerous hail mary's as punishment previously but if I havent, I am sorry. But these kids are really just being kids. At least he didnt threaten to put a cap in your ass like some of the young punks you might have come across.
As for the SUV dude, it freaks me out just how ignorant and aggressive some drivers on the road are these days and many of them are female!
I do a fair haul in traffic in the cage every day to and from work and all i can say is thank god we dont have hand guns here. Many times I wish I could have an RPG mounted on the front though.

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The city I live in was fairly small when we moved here25 years ago. Now it's yuppieville( sorry if your a yuppie) or the real tough " I'll beat your arse if you get in my way" or both at the same time. I hate riding around town on a Saturday, it's nuts. Anyway I'm better now and am going for a nice ride out in the farm land.

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I was told by an old timer that this used to happen in the BSA 650 days in the 60's with the car boys and what they used to carry was large ball bearings 1/2" that once the got in front of the guy the would drop on the road and they would bounce up and usually go through the radiator or wind screen so that they did not have to stop and the cops could not book them because they where not carrying weapons like chains and tyre levers.

He said that as they where small the rabid driver was often not aware that they had done the damage as you did not need to turn around to drop them one by one.

This would probably alleviate the lunatic following you and trying to push you off the road.

Hmm maybe I should buy some to carry as well.

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No, You are not crazy. I wrote the following "essay" on another motorcycle list in response to a similar post. I thought of sending it in to a magazine or newspaper as an op-ed, so I saved it.

Spanning the nearly 30 years that I have been riding, I have observed a sea change in the behavior of all motorists. There is an ever increasing disregard for the law, for the safety of others, for the common good, and for general courtesy in the persuit of self-centered driving behavior. Drivers (and riders) are far more aggressive and reckless than ever before.

The people have lost respect for the law, and have replaced it with a mob mentality that understands that law enforcement is helpless to enforce traffic laws when "everyone" is breaking them.

Worse yet, these behaviors aren't just rare aberrations, where the perpetrators have been taught proper driving skills and occasionally make a mistake. They have become ingrained driving habits. Ask any of today's drivers to drive "correctly", and I suspect that many of them simply cannot do it without making serious errors. They have programmed themselves to drive poorly.

It is obvious that these changes have put motorcyclists at much higher risks than ever before.

In my humble opinion, improving roadway safety will yield little measureable impact on overall motorcycle accident rates. Changing driving and riding behaviors will. Sadly, the focus has been on rider education, without any recognition that driver education is equally required.

Nevertheless, I still believe that no amount of driver and rider education will solve the problem, without a corresponding cultural change.

(P.S. I am not an economist, nor do I pretend to be one, but this problem smells like a variant of the "Tragedy of the Commons" to me.)

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X, nice write-up. I totally agree. I'm a highschool teacher and have seen the changes in the kids from the pass years. It seems to me their have less and less morals and don't understand why they should be punished for doing something wrong. Why would it be any different driving. Who knows what the future will bring.
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Originally Posted by XMagnaRider
... I wrote the following "essay" on another motorcycle list in response to a similar post. I thought of sending it in to a magazine or newspaper as an op-ed, so I saved it.
I wouldn't send it as it may give others copycat ideas.

You really have no defense on a bike other than speed and possible maneuverability. A four-wheeler can just tap you and knock you off it to make your day. Walking up to him poses other issues too as he may be packing heat and "He feared the biker had a gun" so he offs you.

I recall in one magazine where someone (Clemente Salvatore maybe?) wrote that some kids fired a 9mm round into his back cycle tire and flattened it on the way to Las Vegas on the I-15. He heard a "Pop" but never thought it was a gunshot. Only when he examined the tire later and found the slug did he realize what had happened along with the car of "kids" who passed him staring and laughing at him.

Something like that letter going public gives them too many ideas - and God knows they don't need any more. This also happened right after the Mongols shot the H-A guy off the Harley near Laughlin, NV during that River Run Rally ruckus there. Coincidence?

Then we put up with the wire-guys in Santa Cruz and who knows how many copycatted that thing. Seemed to be a whole lot of it once published, along with TV cameras chasing the bikers looking for the perps in the hills who were setting the snare lines.

The non-riding public still has a bit of "Biker fear" in them and it's probably best for us to keep it that way. However, they are losing it slowly though and some women will "Take you out" as one SUV driving co-worker told me with their "SUV=Tank" mentality.

A nice flashy set of carbon-fibered knuckled gloves goes a long way too, if for nothing more than intimidation sake alone. I'm still looking for a nice pair for summer. A suit with a lot of body armor goes a long way for the "F-Factor" as well. I sort of get a kick when people dodge me when I'm in my gear.


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trying to be carefull

I have been very fortunate to have been in my cage the last 2 of my all - so in a hurry to get to the next stop drivers. Not to be racist but most of the time it is a black person on the cell phone, (in OKC ) with no regard for any curtosy. I try to only ride during week days befor or after lunch, so as not to get in the way of any cage going to or from lunch.Never make a left turn that would require a cage to avoid you ,go to the next safe gap you can find to make the left. the only thing one can do is be real carefull hear try to ride in the more afluent areas as to avoid the kids at play .
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