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So what is the proper way to pull over when the dreaded lights are in your mirror? I pull over in the first clear area big enough for us both to fit, get off bike, face officer, if he isnt out of the car yet I ( with two fingers and great care) take my wallet out and lay it on the seat. I tell my passenger to keep facing the officer and keep their hands in plain sight, while I do the same.I keep my wallet in my hip pocket or inside jacket pocket, had LEO grab his gun one time when I reached for my wallet.If the officer is out of the car, I stand with hands in view. facing him. I tell him where my wallet is before reaching for it, and turn slightly so he can see what I'm doing.I do not argue or give anymore info regarding the alleged crime than I have to.By that I mean I do not admit to anything but am polite and answer all other questions like where I'm going, etc.Am I over doing it? Or should I be doing something else?I want to make the traffic stop as pleasant for both of us and I dont want to be the next Rodney King.
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Luckily for me I haven't had to do this for a while(knock on wood). I attribute part of the reason being my radar detector, but that is for another thread( and I don't usually elude the LEO, sorry). I typically pull over and remove my helmet and sit on the bike and wait to see what Mr. LEO says. I too am polite and as honest as I can be without incriminating myself. I have a bunch of vehicles registered so I fumble through my registrations and proofs of insurance until I find the right one. I think having a CDL may help, I'm not sure why. Just my .02.
Why do you ask. Are you riding again and got pulled over?

K12RS Taxi
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OK, I'll bite. Why are you asking? Did you just have a bad experience?

Personally - and not meaning to be insulting - I think you're overdoing. I like Jeff's attitude. Back in the days when I was in a black and white, I would have appreciated a biker who just pulled over in a safe spot, took his helmet off, and sat on his bike with his hands in a relaxed position, waiting for me to come up and chat.
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Could be I'm over doing it, but had several bad experiences as a youth.Small redneck town, most deputies were related.Had my face smashed into car hood once for a speeding ticket along with a backhand.Was pulled over and searched 3 times one night by same cop, all in less then 20 minutes.
We have a local town cop, acually a dam good cop and a nice guy.But was shot a few years ago,3 times by a 44 mag at close range, very horribly wounded. Took almost a year before he was back at work. Always wondered what was going thru his mind on his first traffic stop.And what would happen if I was it and reached in my inside jacket pocket for my wallet.
Between bad cops and good ones with a bad day, just wanted to know what most officers like to see when they hit the lights.
Last two years been stopped twice by the above officer, both times I was in the wrong and he was very polite and professional. Last time on the RS we chatted a bit about his time as a bike cop in Mesa. Our local police dept has been very good for many years as is the Highway Patrol, Sheriffs Office still kinda hits and misses tho.SO is under staffed and over worked, I think sometimes it comes thru in their work. I filled a complaint against one deputy several years ago for threatening employees and customers, a few weeks later the complaint was "lost".Still looking for it I guess.
So ya, I do have a cold sweat start, and my heart speeds up a bit when I stopped.
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I've had 3 cops pull their guns on me before...I think it all depends on how you look. They look at me and think I'm a badass...guess they get scared and go for their weapons.
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I do it like Jeff. I take off the helmet and relax my hands at my side with the bike off. I dont turn and let them approach and they usually give directions. I have had only one bad situation and that was in a car. I was alking to the officer at the drivers window and did not see the rookie at the passenger window. When I explained my intention to reach for my glove box the rookie did not hear the communication and the gun came in the window when I reached for the glove box. The Sr officer talked very calmly and had the rookie go back to the car. Needless to say he let me go and I did not file a complaint. I think we all learned alot.

El Barto
Ride fast.......Get there before the accident!
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Former LEO here...

First off, give the officer an indication that you know that he has your attention. Then find a wide spot that's not too far away.

Get off the bike slowly and remove your helmet (it's a weapon when its on your head or in your hand). Put the helmet down somewhere and wait for instructions.

Keep your hands in plain view all the time.

Relax. I know it's hard to do but take a deep breath. Unless you got a real gomer for a cop there should be very little tension.

Be truthful.

If (as I do), you are carrying a gun, tell the officer that you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon and tell him where it is (mine is in my tankbag). Once he runs your name through the computer it will spit out that you have a permit. I found that it was better if the offender told me up front.

I've been pulled over a half-dozen times since I quit the sheriff's office and have only received one citation (and that was from a prick... and I was in a cage). Your attitude is usually the deciding factor (IMAO).

BTW, I never mention my former LEO status. That does not usually impress them :-)

His and Hers K1200S'
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glad to know I'm not the only one that has had less then perfect experiences!
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Originally Posted by sportrider
I've had 3 cops pull their guns on me before...I think it all depends on how you look. They look at me and think I'm a badass...guess they get scared and go for their weapons.
Damn it! I have never had a gun pulled on me while pulled over... guess they think I am a P#$$&!

Thanks a lot dude!
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Thumbs up

As an LEO for almost 28 years, Only 74 days until retirement, Stop in a safe place, like a parking lot or a side street if you are on a busy street. Just sit on your bike, and turn the engine off. No sudden moves, keep hands visible, AND BE NICE! I'm much more apt to give someone a warning if they are nice. But when you say, what the F--- did you stop me for, you can rest assured you'll be getting at least one ticket. As far as being worked over and harassed, that went out with the 70's, I also realize there are some real pricks in uniforms, and you are going to run into those bad apples occasionally. But please don't judge all officers by the Prick that you met. There are bad apples in every profession.
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