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Thumbs up Full Remus Installed...

Okay - I did it! I installed the full Remus Exhaust system and the Evo Race Filters (BTW - what the jahova do you do with the factory snorkel intakes?? Do they become x-mas ornaments or what??).

I did NOT disconnect the battery or anything... Yet. As other posts have stated, there is no literature that this is required. Sort of akin to throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill it...

Anyway, the results are pretty good:
2.) Better shifting (because there is no more herky-jerky flat spots).
3.) Power-on wheelies (in hot weather) when passing cars... That had to look cool...
4.) REALLY loud airbox noise during heavy acceleration, but around town riding is just fine.
5.) The sound is a lot more subdued than I thought it was going to be. In fact, it is just a little louder than the stock sound. That was a surprise.
6.) Lighter weight - probably lost about 15 lbs. or so... I don't remember what the brochure stated. That stock canister is one heavy muther! And it stays hot for a REALLY long time. In fact, it took 3 hours to cool down enough to be able to handle without oven mits!
7.) There is noticeable buzzy vibrations around 5,000 rpm, which it did when it had the stock system on, but now it is more noticeable.

Other than that, it seems to work great...

There's just an issue boiling in the back of my brain right now, however... I had a hell of a time with the connection of the headers to the manifold...
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