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crash techniques

Are there any good resources out there for techniques of getting off the bike on low side and high side in a panic situation to minimize human damage? Also avoidance maneuvers of different kinds...
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Everytime I've EVER gotten off the bike in a low or high side, there wasn't a damn thang I could do to enhance the process. Nature just sort of took it's course.

I've always found that the throttle beat the hell out of the brakes in those instances.

What was that middle thang?
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Depending on the circumstances there may be nothing you can do. But the best way to attempt to minimize bodily damage is to keep your arms close to your body and your legs together so that you can roll. I read somewhere that most injuries in a MC crash are limb related from flapping around.

'03 K1200GT

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Hi Joseph; is this question specific to the K1200GT or just any bike in general? Unless you are a racer who expect to come off relatively frequently, I wonder whether any of us can reasonably comment?

Anyway, we'll see, but I suspect your question would get a fuller response in the Bike Talk section.

John I. Stephen - Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
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Yes, I thought your post was a bit curious Joseph. When I first read it, it sounded like you might be wanting to practice the question you asked, but it might work out a bit tough if you tried a posters reply and didn't report back because it didn't work.

I think we put most of our thoughts and rider skills into staying on our bikes and avoiding problems. In the split second it takes to work out whether you might jump off, throw the bike over or do some sort of acrobatic, you could have lost the time to save you and the bike.

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I don't know of any book, school, or movie that focus on crash techniques but the guys racing 600's in WERA call it the 'meatgrinder' class because there are LOTS of opportunities to try different crashing and avoidance tactics.

If you aren't looking to go roadracing, then buy a dirtbike and learn to throw it around, it will make you a better rider and a better crasher.

Mike Kelly

Triple M Engineering


Stanley, NC
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Looking for better limits...
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Never, never give up.

Your best chance of survival is up on two wheels. Maybe with the brakes almost locked, but staying upright on the bike is the best. Outside of that? Fetal position.

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Well,I had the mother of all near misses Sunday while doing 70mph on the old A5 on my way to Dunstable!

long row of traffic in front of me doing about 55 ish me catching them up, I indicate check over my shoulder, look forward and take up position on the otherside of the road for a few seconds then accelerate past 4 cars, no problem as I was even given some room.

Its after this that things started to go wrong! got stuck behind an amg c class merc of year 2000 vintage, I carried out the same routine and he decided to pull out in front of me, no indicators and it was quite an aggressive manoeovre but I was a short distance behind so had time to knock off the throttle......phew close one, overtook him a short while later and he gave me the finger......shock horror, what have I done wrong?

Decided to put some distance between him and me so upped the pace a little....job done, then I end up behind a ford galaxy people carrier full of kids and a lady driving at 55mph, I go through the whole procedure again, giving myself plenty of picture this. me on bright yellow bike, headlights on, very hi viz jacket on, indicators on, I am now level with passenger door glance left kids waveing at me then to my absolute
Nowhere to go except a line of trees, but my hands and feet took over all by them selves, emergency stop, front brembo bursting with stopping power rear brake applied, down 3 gears, I was somewhat shitting myself only to watch her bumper graze my front wheel!

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAH she missed me...JUST, then herd screech behind me, honda civic type R right up my exhaust pipe sliding all over the road......OH NO.

Anyway after that little heart stopping moment I was so effing angry (understatement) that accelerated hard, overtook her and then slowed her right down to walking pace, right or wrong I wanted a word!, put my hazards on and stopped, she stopped and refused to even look at me, the guy in the civic type r stopped and said she nearly killed you mate how the hell did you stop so bloody quick? all I said was addrenalin and reflexes, guess what though..........HE WAS AN OFF DUTY COPPER! in uniform.....

He had a word with her and said he would be asking her to come into dunstable nick with her docs as he though she was going to kill me.

So now I have a sore neck and bruised knees as I gripped the tank so hard and a headache..

Thank christ for Brembo brakes and Stainless hoses...My wifey was not amused either.

Ride safe but have eyes up yer bottoms!

At no point did I consider lowside/highside/ laying it down all I wanted to do was stop and stay upright, not consider jumping off, at 70 cant imagine what damage it would have done.
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What lessons were learnt?

Gandy; as you say, this was a bad experience. But apart from the fact that the car driver was “wrong” what have you (we) learnt from this and how can we avoid it in future? From your post, you were clearly overtaking slower traffic as speed; and exceeding the speed limit too. I assume that it was all in “national” speed limit (60 mph) single carriageway?
I think that the problem was that, when the car driver of the Ford Galaxy pulled out, you were possibly in her blind spot ? Had you sounded the horn this may have alerted her to your presence? Having a car full of kids is always a danger sign as it means that the driver is likely being distracted by the kids.
However, I am sure that many of us are car drivers too, and whilst I am extremely conscious of bikes, I am also aware that bikers can sometimes use their awesome power and acceleration inappropriately and car drivers don’t expect someone to be suddenly there. No excuse I know, but we need to survive.
The near miss with the Honda Civic was almost inevitable as your stopping power is (again) awesome compared to a car, and I am delighted that he managed to avoid hitting you.
So I guess the lesson for all of us is to recognise that the car drivers (e.g. the Merc) are also frustrated at being held back and that they can and do make rapid overtaking decisions / manoeuvres. Therefore we need to ensure that the driver has consciously seen us / heard us as we will always come off worse. Thank the Lord you were OK. However, if you were able to repeat that overtake (or even the ones previously) I suspect that you would possibly be able to execute the overtakes a little more safely by ensuring that each driver had consciously seen you?
Easy to sit here and pontificate I know, but our safety is paramount. Take care and ride safely.

John I. Stephen - Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
K1300 GT (quite superb ! )
Triumph Tiger 1050 (2008)
K1200 GT (2003)
R1150R (2002)
Suzuki GS 750 (late 1970s)
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Same thing happened to me on a roundabout but I caught the problem with a second or two to spare.

I never stay in a blind spot, either move forwards or hold back. In a situation where I have no choice my look rounds are to the nearside with finger aligned (yes that's difficult!) on the horn press. I no longer feel uneasy about using the horn.

Get a loud horn that makes your bike sound like a car or a semi, if they hear a wimpy Beemer horn that sounds like a scooter they don't care so much and that's also true of pedestrians.

There are plenty of diesel cars around now that have lots of sound proofing. There weren't so many about when Beemers came with a single horn. Your horn may be good enough for the UK mot, but is it loud enough to save your life?

My biggest fear is other bikers sneaking up both nearside and offside. If I'm following a bike I will tail until I see the rider look in his mirror, If I think he has my attention, I'll signal and start to move past. I don't know if that's what everybody else does. Some riders seem to travel far to close.

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