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Performing your own scheduled service maintenance

Hello everyone,

My 2003 K1200GT is almost due for its 12K mile service and since I'm planning to keep the bike for long time I'm looking for any advise in regard to performing scheduled maintenance on my own.

When I enquired with the local dealer I was told that because the bike is four years old it requires both the 12K miles plus the 48 months service and the cost will be $820. This will also include the annual service of replacing the brake fluid and clutch fluid.
This is the estimate assuming that no new parts are needed, but I'm expecting the charges to be well over $900 once they are done with everything.

First of all, does it sound like a fair price to you? I'm not sure what else the bike needs at 48 months that isn't covered by the 12K miles and the annual service combined.

Second, I would like to know if anyone has ever performed these scheduled maintenance services on their own, and if so, would you recommend it to a person with basic technical skill? I have adjusted valves and replaced brake pads and fluids on Japanese bikes and on my K100, but haven't done anything on the KRS/GT. Currently I don't even own a service manual for the GT but I'm considering buying one.

Because this is the first major service on the bike I think I'll have the dealer to perform it this time, but I'm seriously considering start doing my own services in the future ( what ever I can do ) since I will be retiring and I'll have plenty of time on my hands very soon. Any suggestion or comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

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Just did those very services to my 04 this weekend. It's all nuts and bolts stuff but you may have to do things like remove a camshaft if you have valves out of adjustment.. I had two. I do all of my own maintenence on all of my bikes and really the K is pretty basic..with one exception. The brake bleeding procedure is rather complex and requires either a special tool be purchased from your dealer or manufactured by your. I made my own. If you do a few forum searches, you will find excellent documentation on all of this work
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I do my own maintenance but I have more than basic techical skills but would not put myself in the category of some of the very skilled and knowledgeable people on this forum.

A good resource for the maintenance is the Gunsmoke site Besides this I would get the shop manual and the Clymer manual and read up, you should be able to decide what is within you skill level. For me venturing into to doing the maintenance was about saving money as much as a general interest in the mechanics of the bike. It was only when I did this did I really begin to appreciate the beauty of the bikes and their craftsmanship.

I find doing the maintenance gives me a certain amount of confidence when on the road should something go amiss. I will tell you adjusting the valves on the KRS or any of he K bikes I have owned were unlike any valve adjustments I had been familiar with.


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do your own

first, get the clymer manual on the web. checking valves and replacing fuel filter are the 2 most intricate jobs, and they are easy. bmw dealers are accustomed to a clientele of upper class riders who dont mind paying a bunch for service. if that's what u want to do, fine. i frankly cant afford to spend all that money on service. your nickel. good luck
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Definitely get the Clymer manual. I do all of my service now except for the brake and clutch bleeding. I'm sure if I did the research I could come up with the tool for doing that, but my better sense tells me to have tthe dealer do this part of the service and not worry about my brakes. Most of the other stuff is pretty basic, just time consuming.

'03 K1200GT

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Brake Bleeding

I have just ( today ) dissembled, replaced seals and bled the rear brake calliper on my 2003 GT. Bleeding the wheel circuit couldn't have been more simple ! After assembly, connect a tube to the bleed nipple, turn on the ignition and gently press the brake pedal which runs the pump and pushes the fluid through. Just make sure you keep an eye on the level of fluid in the reservoir as you go. It's even easier than doing an un-powered system as you dont have to pump the pedal. In the BMW manual, they even suggest connecting the pipe from the bleed nipple back onto the reservoir cap to save having to top up the system as you go. This is fine if you have all your equipment realy clean and are not doing a bi-anual fluid change, in which case you are wanting to ditch the old fluid, not recycle it !
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Under "Technical" in the top tool bar of the page is a listing for "Hall of Wisdom".

Slow project we're working on, but the brakes on the '02-'05 RS and GT is there, and it's pretty comprehensive.

The service is to either bleed the brake lines to the calipers, or a full ABS bleed. The full ABS service is probably about 3˝ hours of labor. If you do it, it'll be really helpfull to have someone assist. Figuring out how much is going to be based on the shop rate, but 3˝ hours is a chunk of time, so the overall price for the service may not be that far out of line.

I've never heard of a 48 month service. What I have seen on the charts is a 600 mile (non-repeated) 6k, 12k, and annual services. The annual covers the brake service(s) and the cooling system. The fuel filter is a customer "option" at 12k. They may have gone to 2-year on the cooling system, so there could be an annual and bi-annual service now.

I'd really be curious about what the service department says is part of the "48 month" service. 'Course, it could be they check for wear on some items, and that's it.

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First of all thanks to everyone for the helpful comment and suggestions.

I haven't heard either about the extra maintenance at the 48 months services. I think that the 12K miles and the bi-annual services combined should cover everything.

The problem is that the assistant service manager ( a lady who hasn't been in the job for too long ) couldn't explain in details what the extra service is. She jus referred at " extra stuff they need to do at the four years service" . I didn't ask to talk to the service manager because I tried that in another occasion and she didn't appear too happy that I wasn't satisfied with her general answer. So, now on top of getting charged 100s of dollars I should refrain myself in asking for clarifications or else I may hurt someone feelings.
Sorry, but I had to get it out of my chest.

By the way, could anyone please tell me where I can get the shop manual and the Clymer manual online? Can these manuals be purchased both on CDs or books? Most likely my dealer has them too but perhaps I can find them cheaper online.



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I realize that this thread has run it's course. But I found one item that should be looked at occasionally. If your center stand is starting to retract a little more slowly, lube those bushings NOW. I just finished the job and I was getting a slight bit of rust on the bushing and they were almost dry of lube.
A front wheel chock, good expansion or snap ring pliers and a brake spring tool left over from your automobile drum brake days make things go a lot easier.

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Originally Posted by pier1
By the way, could anyone please tell me where I can get the shop manual and the Clymer manual online? Can these manuals be purchased both on CDs or books? Most likely my dealer has them too but perhaps I can find them cheaper online.
I found the Clymer manual on Amazon. At the time (just a few months ago) they had the best price, and shipping was free.

Good luck with the brake job, and let us know if you found any "gotchas" in the procedure. I was/am confused regarding the special tool(s) needed to do the job so I may have missed something when reading it over. BTW, the Clymer manual does not have any details on bleeding the 2002-2005(?) k12 brakes. All it says essentially is to have the dealer service them. Still, get the Clymer manual; it's quite good.

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