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California Highway Patrol and radar

In Northern California, there has been a lot of CHP sitting on the side of the road with new radar guns or standing on the side with a couple of buddies ready to jump on the freeway and chase down speeders. This is very new from the past philosophy. It used to be that CHP didnít have radar because the state would not fund it. I heard senators did not want the CHP just sitting on the side and catching speeders but wanted them to be instead patrolling the freeways like their name indicates. Well, this change. They got radar and have been on the Ka band for quite a while but at least they were still driving around. A good radar detector and sharp eyes gave you a real good fighting chance. I havenít had but three speeding tickets in the last 20 years and I like 85 no matter what Iím driving/riding. Now, things are getting hard. If anyone has more to add to understand the thinking and technology, please add to this thread. A friend who is a retired CHP officer said the new radar is laser, officers are going through training in the Sacramento academy to use the new tool and itís good at what it does. They look through the system at a 4 lane freeway and it will identify the speed of all cars coming at them and the individual speeds of all lanes at the same time. Itíll show, lane 1, 80mph, lane 2 72mph, lane 3 70mph etc. I have a Escort X50 which has been great for Ka. It has laser but does not react at all to the new guns. I guess their new tool is effective because Iím using cruise control now more than ever and just sitting at 7mph or so over the limit but it sucks. Any ideas? Any new detectors that are better at this new weapon they are using?

What's also weird but not fully tested, I went to San Diego over the weekend from the Bay Area, down 5 and back up 101. Once past 152 in the Los Banos area, I never saw any of that in SoCal. Do you SoCal people see this yet? If not, I expect it's comig. This is probably a good revenue generator for the state and we all know how badly they need (or think they need) the money.

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Highway patrols all over the US are now sitting on the side of the road shooting laser. It's cheaper than burning gas as many of them are already over budget on their fuel bill.

What was that middle thang?
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Will ride for picts
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Sounds like Laser to me .... you can legally buy a jammer for Laser.

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I got hit by laser. I was in the bimmer, not the beemer, but, laser by the CHP it was.
Guy said he only needed six inches to hone in on (he used the plate, he says).
Last CHP that got me on the beemer used K-band, bike to bike, he was standing still, I was doin' like 40 in a 25 (bastard). Anyway ... such as it is, California is getting like the Gestapo in New Jersey (the biggest police state in the nation) ... sigh ...
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CHP using laser

Originally Posted by grifscoots
Highway patrols all over the US are now sitting on the side of the road shooting laser. It's cheaper than burning gas as many of them are already over budget on their fuel bill.
Good point I hadn't thought about. We're all feeling the pinch on fuel cost and sitting on the side is not only saving their fuel but bringing money into coffers. And, like I said, I have slowed down so it's effective. I just have to vent and get over it since I do like going fast. I did get a ticket coming up Rt 1 while 2 up ( 4 weeks ago) with my wife on the back but traffic school is available since I've paced out my tickets. And, I'm usually pretty cool on speeding with Susy on the back but an RV was going pretty slow and of course I passed on a rare straight away when a CHP happened to be coming the other way over a crest. For those not familiar with CA traffic stuff, you can go to traffic school once every 18 months and keep a traffic violation off the records as long as it's not a huge deal like DUI or more than 20 over the limit.
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CHP and radar

Well don't feel like you are the lone ranger. We have been seeing these same tactics down here it SoCal for at least a year or more. Especially in bike "hotspots" like Angeles Crest Highway, Palomar Mtn. and the Santa Monica Mtns. There has been stepped up enforcement all over the place thanks to the state/politicians spending every damn cent we give them plus the 16 BILLION they spent which we did not have in the first place, but that is a whole other conversation. The best advise I can give to you is too just slow down. Nothing aggravates me more than giving the state money for a friggin traffic ticket.

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Soon they will wisen up like here. Radar detector, $2000 fine. They seize the device and turn it into a radar detector detector. Fit it to the highway cars./ And with the device the CHP are using?? From your description it is the same as here. The radar detector will inform you you are about to get booked.. They spot the car, squeeze the trigger...Bip....110 100....95.... ,as you slow down.
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whats worse, at least in cali, is the fact that our friends are kind of unforgiving these days. got me twice in 2 weeks, an both time i was 10 over (!!!!). or maybe its just because i bought that japanese car and did not support our troubled troublemakes in detroit.

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ya gotta set up a ginne pig....find someone who wants to give you a try....fight him for a mile or so then let him lead like your chicken.....stay behind him...he gets the laser your safe.......
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Just FYI...those lasers will pick up a car before you even have a chance at slowing down. Over 2000 ft distance
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