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Speeding with Valentine 1

I just got pulled over today in my car @ '72 MPH' by police going the other way on a 2 lane highway. I pulled over when he turned around. My detector never went off. He told me I was going 72 MPH in 45 zone. I told him this 'emergency blah blah hospital blah blah' story, which was true, and he let me go with a warning. He was a nice fella and I am always courteous with 'yes sir, no sir'.

Now my question is that did he really clock me or did he have a new system to clock speed. I never asked to see the radar gun. I am inclined to think that he never clocked me because the detector never went off. V1 is less than a year old. I am not aware of any new modes of clocking speed. Your thoughts. This was in Ohio.
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He could have used 'POP' to get a reading on you, if so, the V1 wouldn't have picked it up unless it's been upgraded.
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He was fishing

He probably didn't have his radar on and was hoping you would incriminate yourself with the old "do you know how fast you were going?" A good attitude and a believable BS story saved you.
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Only thing it could have been is POP mode radar. If your V1 has the POP mode software, after the normal self test on start up of beeps and lights, it will display P_O_P if it doesn't you don't have it.
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I was with a bunch of bikes and about the same thing happened.
I was second in a group, which was the second group going down the road. No one in the first group got stopped and they were probably doing over 80 since we were doing about the same to try to catch them and did not.
A cop pasted us(the second group), turned around and then stopped the guy in front of me(the first guy). Letting me and the others in the second group go. Did not even pull us over. The only thing we could figure is that after the first group past him, he wised up and then turned on his gun catching us coming right at him. Because one of the guys in the first group had a detector that never went off.
He quoted 78mph to the one he stopped.
Additionally, we figure he only got a reading on the first guy in our group because he did not even stop the rest of us.

Me, I am still trying to decide about getting a V or Passport
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I would go with the he did not have the radar on and was hoping you would incriminate. They can judge by eye fairly accurate if they have enough time on the road. The Valentine does have pop mode even if its not the latest, the latest is the pop 2 and it is the only one that shows the pop when you turn it on. The 1.8 version had pop but not as good as the latest version. The Ohio boys are pretty strict but do seem professional. Have met a few. The Kentucky boys on the other hand.... Don

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Another idea....

I'm not sure of all the technical details but here is the story I have heard before concerning POP radar.
Normal instant on radar required the police to push a button to check the speed of each vehicle they wished to check. This resulted in a full power radar signal. This signal could be picked up by following vehicles as much as .8 miles behind which gave them a good warning to slow down before they were in range.
The POP radar has a second setting which operates on very low power and a very small fraction of a second. Non-POP radar dectectors can not pick up this lower power. The correct way for the police to use this device is to check many more vehicles with the lower power setting that older detectors don't pick up. When he finds someone exceeding the speed limit he hits them with the regular power setting and locks in their speed. This higher setting should make the older detectors go off also.

Here is the catch. The lower power setting is not considered to be up to the accuracy standards that courts require. Some policemen may overlook this detail and stop you anyway if their radar indicated you are speeding. The legal answer that I have heard is to require them to show you the radar gun with the locked in reading. Many people, knowing that they were actually speeding may not want to push the issue and fall for this trick.

You may want to check the Valentine 1 web site for information (and the MPH Industries, makers of the radar).
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Originally Posted by CA1200
Me, I am still trying to decide about getting a V or Passport
Get a passport, they look cooler. Also, don't forget to get pickup a HARD unit for your helmet! This has reason to have another pointless poll!

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Just my curiosity, but if you are in a close group, aren't you all innocent until proven guilty? So unless these devices can prove each member of a rider group was speeding they only target and capture the speed of one rider (usually the first) and it would be an interesting defens to argue how they targeted and acquired your speed and discriminated against the others, if you were in the middle.

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The radar unit range, or sensitivity, can be set back so that it does not pick up a vehicle's speed until it is close to the unit. Essentially, it prevents the microwaves being broadcast way down the road and keeps those with radar detectors from getting advance notice. The power supplied to the radar unit has no bearing on the microwaves broadcast.

Radar, unlike laser, cannot be aimed at an individual vehicle. The waves are emitted in a cone shape from the unit's antenna. Typically, the largest object moving in that cone will be the speed shown on the unit, imagine a motorcycle traveling at 65 ahead of a tractor trailer at 55. The unit will most likely indicate 55. HOWEVER, most newer units have the ability to discriminate between multiple targets. In the previous scenario, the 55 mph will show up in the target window, but the 65 will be shown in a second window. A group of m/c riding together at very close speeds, the unit will most likely show the lead bike as the strongest influence, hence the lead rider getting nailed.

Radar detectors are not infallible. No matter how much you spend on one, it will never beat the "instant on" feature of the radar unit, especially if you are the sole vehicle traveling on that stretch of roadway. The best use of a radar detector is to pick up the officer clocking someone else's speed and slowing down ahead of time. A lot of drivers/riders ignore these early warning signs, chalking them up to interference. I've written many a motorist with a radar detector. They've all been smart enough not to contest the citation, since I write, in bold letters on the citation, RADAR DETECTOR. Judges do not like to see that!

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