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Unhappy If this bike doesn't stop falling over! #&*@!

After nearly 1 1/2 years from the last right-side knockdown by some ingrate(s) at a motel in the middle of then night, I've managed to do it again myself.

Tight right-hand turn going into a driveway at a gas station in Bishop, CA and I felt that horrible heavy-leaning feeling of "I'm gonna lose it" and I did. Luckily, a Harley guy came by and the two of us got the thing uprighted.

Right side case really scratched deep at the front edge. Right fairing (again) at bottom but it didn't cut into the clutch line this time. Front cowling scratched. Luckily this time, the side case protected that $1500 muffler. I'm guessing $300 for the cover, $600 for the fairing, $300 for the front cowling, and another $150 caliper-mounted MotoLight that saved the front forks and possibly the mirror stalk that folded back (I didn't know they did that!).

Last time Markel raised my rate to $1000 a year as the right-side damage at the motel came to over $4,500.00. Changed to Auto Club and got it down to $400. Deductible is $1000 so I guess I need to eat this one myself (fearing another rate hike) or I'm gonna need to switch to something that costs less to knock over like the Polaris Victory that - supposedly - cannot be knocked over.

Think I need some sort of training wheels or sliders on this thing. This is getting very expensive in more ways than just routine maintenance. BMW needs some sort of bumper guard on this thing like some other bikes. I'm thinking of stopping in on Sierra BMW in Sparks, NV and have them order the parts and send them to me should they have a case cover in stock. My trip isn't over and if this luck continues I don't want to buy another bunch of plastic on the way home.

I had over 100,000 miles on the old RT in 10 years and it never went down. This thing makes a big cosmetic dent in the wallet about every year. Arrgh!

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Ugh, sorry to hear for sure. This bugger needs complete attention below 10 mph for sure. Slow speed transition points get my attention, I've had several close calls of reaching point of almost return when making tight turns in gravel or steep hills.

Good luck on the repairs.

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true dat

so picture this. i'm changing tranny fluid on my '04kgt last week. i have the drain pan under the drain hole as close as the centerstand will allow. pull plug, and viola, trann fluid all over garage floor. finish job, and go to take the bike off centerstand. cardinal rule.....always do this when mounted on bike. but the thing kept going forward instead of coming off centerstand. sooooooooooo........off bike and push off centerstand from left side. u know what happens next. bike flops over on right side. rubber prevented any damage, but get this. i go to lift it upright and cant. everytime i get some leverage, my feet slip on my garage floor from remnants of tranny fluid. a real marx brothers moment. finally, my neighbor pulls up after work, and i get him to help. with both of us, we get the thing upright. christ, these things are heavy. made me think of a nice new 800st. light. but only for a moment.......luv my k
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Bummer dude.....sorry to hear it.

There was a guy on here a while back that sprayed his bike with LineX or something similar....maybe it's an option for you?

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Sorry to hear about your drop. It almost happened to me this last weekend too.

I was riding two-up with the wife this weekend, and was pulling out of a side street that had an incline and a bank to my right. I was trying to make a right turn onto a 4-lane road, 2 each way. I wanted to wait for both right lanes to be clear, but traffic was heavy, so I start out with only the closest being clear. Suddenly, I see another car switch into my lane, so I stop and wait for a better clearing, but my lean starts to take the bike over. I was able to hold it, thankfully. My wife wouldn't have liked picking herself up off the road.

It's easy to lose it. I think I might need to practice low-speed turns. The bike sometimes hesitates on the throttle, which only makes me more skittish when starting off into a turn right away.
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An '04GT is a smaller that the 2nd gen GTs.

Mine has been down twice.
First I parked on the side stand on my inclined driveway and left it. DOH...it went down hard by itself on the left side.

Second at a gas station in the Sierras in the rain. My wife had just gotten off. I thought the side stand was down all the way. I guess it wasn't. In the motion of getting off it decided to follow me lead and tip over my direction.

Both times the side cases took the brunt of it along with the top outside corner of the fairing. Mirror folded over nicely. Only cosmetic damage.

With my adrenalin pumping nicely I easily picked up the bike.

I'll take heed to those that noted slow speed turns tip-overs.
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The bike still looks wonderful from a third story motel window 300 yards away.

That slow speed tight turn stuff on driveways is now duly noted as well as the abrupt throttle at low speeds. Maybe I need to adopt some 10 o'clock/2 o'clock rule when riding slow as to when do a slow speed street maneuver?

I've watched those cop videos and their slow speed stuff and it's impressive (but they got crash bars and government insurance!). One was in the parking lot at at the dealer doing figure 8's scrubbing in new tires in what looked like two parking spaces. Looks easy, but I'd like to see them add an incline into the mix!

Salesman was watching and commented, "It would be funny if he dumped it." But he added, "He is one of the good ones so maybe not." He told me he tagged a guy on a sport bike for doing 140 mph on his way to work on the freeway He threw the ticket out and never told the guy he did as he keeps a phony ticket book for such occurrences. He said every time he saw the guy he was riding slow even when he was in his own personal vehicle instead of on the patrol bike. He thought the guy may be wondering about the ticket on his record or with the DMV as he never got the ticket in the mail. Probably made him "So nervous he behaved just not to get pulled over for anything which might lead to his arrest for his 140 mph ticket." He laughs when he sees the guy. Maybe pure unknown torture and fear is a better deterrent?

BOT, We were eating upstairs in a restaurant once where a guy on a Harley turned into te parking lot. He turned and then kept turning, disappeared from view, and hit the wall downstairs and went down. He said the driveway just sort of steered him into it. We always came in the back way after that.

Sure is nice outside in Reno. Snow on the Sierras. No wind with clouds.

Now back to the bike.....

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My favorite drop was with my LT. Pulling into my garage in SF, a bicycle comes down the sidewalk right in front of me. I hit the brakes with my front wheel on the sidewalk and my rear wheel on the street, with my feet over the gutter, about 6" below the ball of my foot. I just let it drop. It was either the bicycle or the pavement. The LT has bumpers on the bags and a guardrail (wings) on the front fairing, so the only damage was a slightly bent PIAA I had mounted under the wings.

Guy Howard
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K12GT 07 - build 12/06 BMSK-P ECU (ASC retrofit), V.3 airbox, new o2 sensor @18k, PowerFrk module @25k
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Beat this

Went to pick up my GT last year. I ride it around the parking lot and get a feel for it and noticed how my legs were kinda short on this bike. Headed to the exit of the dealers place and had to stop on a slight incline for traffic. Put my foot down and nothing was there so I steped off and a brand new KGT with 8 miles lays over. I was so f%$king mad I snatched it up and left. Scratches are still on it to remind me of that mistake.

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fell over...and broke my leg!

Sounds like I am not the only one who has a problem with a GT. I was leaving a BMW event, in Watkins Glenn, last September. We were made to park facing the road that went through the park. I started my bike...moved about four feet to the road and made a right hand turn. That is where it all went...wrong!! My bike died and I feel to my right. The only problem is that when I "stupidly" put my right leg down to catch me...thinking my skinny leg could hold up 625 pounds...it was off the side of the dirt road about six? inches...and on gravel. The next think I knew was that I was falling down and my leg was caught under my bike. The end result...I broke my leg in about nine or so pieces.
I will admit...the people at this event were great...considering the situation. They got me to the Watkins Glenn hospital where I had excellent care.
I was in bed for the next four or five months. The damage to my bike was around three grand. If I had just jumped off the bike it still would have been three grand...and probably would not have broken anything!!
Lesson learned...jump off and not worry about the plastic stuff...the insurance covers it!!
I have not ridden my gt since...but have been out putting around on my KLR.
Mr. Pete--->
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