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Angry Still Stalling Gt


My '06 is still stalling after long rides and the dealer can't help me and says they've never heard of this issue. I had a dangerous experience on the PCH with my girl on back and am sick of it.

I've looked at other threads and am looking for any current info/solutions.
Has anybody been able to pinpoint and fix this problem? My service guy won't do anything until he can get the bike to repeat the problem, which of course, it won't.

Not what i was expecting from a $20,000 BMW - performance or service!

any help is appreciated.
thanks all.
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I'd get a different dealer.

Has the airbox been replaced, cause in my opinion this is your culprit and any competent dealer would know that and fix it gratis.

NS, Canada


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One poster described a stalling issue that was caused by a intermittant crank position sensor, and what made it so difficult to find was the fault was not stored, so the techs couldn't see anything wrong with the bike. The dealer hooked up a computer and kept the bike running until the problem appeared, and captured the bad sensor reading.

Here's a quote from the below thread:

I think my BBS has been fixed. I picked the bike up two weeks ago after the techs replaced the fuel pump, filter and screen. The only fault was a front shock rebound problem. I rode it two miles and it quit. I managed to get it restarted and back to the shop for another round of tests.

They let the machine idle in the shop until it cut off, leaving the computer hooked up. A fault with the crankshaft sensor was registered. They replace the sensor and put 100 miles on the bike and it was flawless. I've put about 80 miles on it and it feels better than ever. Carolina BMW has charged me for the fuel pump and it's "stuff" ($178). They haven't charged me for the crankshaft sensor. The service manager, Richard, said, "Just ride it, man, and let me know if everythig is okay."

And my riding buddies think I should go back to Harleys. Sheeeeuuuuut!



Originally Posted by howfly
And previous crankshaft sensor faults weren't saved?

No, Guy, that's the weird thing. The faults were not saved. Two dealers hooked up the computers and came away with the same results. The fault only registered when the bike cut off in the shop with the computer hooked up. When restarted a few minutes later, the fault was gone.

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Guy Howard
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K12GT 07 - build 12/06 BMSK-P ECU (ASC retrofit), V.3 airbox, new o2 sensor @18k, PowerFrk module @25k

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Mine did that with the original airbox, but the new airbox fixed it. Very scary to roll off the throttle to go into a corner and have the engine die or be driving down the freeway at 70mph and have it die at full speed. Started to call my bike Bipolar since it couldn't figure out if it wanted a high idle at 3k or no idle and die while moving until they replaced the airbox.


07 K1200GT
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Lots more reading:

Guy Howard
K12LT 05 (sold)
K12GT 07 - build 12/06 BMSK-P ECU (ASC retrofit), V.3 airbox, new o2 sensor @18k, PowerFrk module @25k
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My 2007 GT developed a problem with stalling. It would typically happen after riding at highways speeds. When I'd exit, and pull in the clutch, it would stall. It just couldn't idle properly after being warmed up.

After the airbox upgrade, it was better, but it still wasn't right, and the problem seemed to get worse with time. My solution? Diesel fuel. It wasn't intentional, of course, but I got some bad gas at a gas station. The dealer said it was diesel fuel, although it seems it should've been water. How would diesel get in the gas reservoir?

Anyway, I got the station to pay for the repair, which consisted of cleaning the injectors, and replacing the fuel pump/filter assembly. New plugs too. Now, it runs great. So, my guess is there was a problem with the fuel flow, maybe a dirty filter. I cannot be sure what actually fixed the problem.
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Stalling GT - something different

Hi All,

OK - I've read this thread, and the other referenced....and now it's my time to chime in.

I've had the misfortune of having issues w/ my 07 GT (first few week production 07)starting after it's second week of ownership. I've kept quiet until now - in hopes that the dealer would find and fix the problem....

My scenario is a little different than what others have reported as my GT stalls when it's warm, in stop and go traffic. What seems to happen is the bike's temp gauge shows 2 bars up, the fan kicks on, move a little in stop and go traffic, then all of the sudden there's dead quiet. I've sometimes noticed erratic idle, other times things seem normal and then she's out. Fortunately, each time she stalls I can thumb the starter and she fires back up, but nonetheless it's certainly disconcerting! The very first time it happened I thought I might have accidentally dumped the clutch (despite riding for almost 20 years) but after that initial thought and continued issues I'm confident that it's the bike and not me.

As I said this battle has been going on for about 2 years now. The first instances started on an around the country ride in Sept/Oct 07 where one dealer in the southwest thought it was a radiator fan sensor issue and replaced it. Another dealer many states later thought they tracked it down to the brain box and was told by BMW N/A to swap it out. I had to fly back home on this trip as a result of the 'debugging process' - to receive my bike almost 2 months later.

The bike ran well for a while, then started sporadically stalling in similar stop and go conditions. Last fall my dealer replaced the clutch (it already had the airbox update at this point BTW as this was also thought to be contributing to the issue) but still stalling sporadically.

Now the bike has been in the shop for the past two weeks. Stalled out on me at VIR during a parade lap (similar stop and go, but with bikes only as everyone inched out onto the track) and stalled when leaving the track one night. Of course, the bike went right into the shop one the way home from VIR...

Of course, despite all 'best efforts' the dealer cannot reproduce the issue...and no, there's no fault in the computer either.

Although I'm hopeful that after picking up my bike today the problem is solved, I'm also EXTREMELY pessimistic that this issue won't rear it's ugly head again.

So - my question goes out to the 'collective wisdom' of this forum....has anyone else experienced the symptoms I've been through and is there a 'fix'?

Also - what would be the suggested next step. I'm a heartbeat away from going directly to BMW N/A (I think I have their contact info here somewhere) but I'm not confident that doing this will get me anywhere.



'08 K1200GT
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I've heard from a few sources that the air box temp sensor, when replaced, took care of their symptoms.

What was that middle thang?
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Reread post #3. Crankshaft sensor faults are not saved by the 'puter. In MikeC's case the GT-1 had to be connected to the bike when it stalled for the techs to find and fix the problem.

Guy Howard
K12LT 05 (sold)
K12GT 07 - build 12/06 BMSK-P ECU (ASC retrofit), V.3 airbox, new o2 sensor @18k, PowerFrk module @25k
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So it appears to be:

temp sensor replacement

crankshaft sensor error

fuel system (i think someone had their pump and filters and injectors all replaced, fixed the problem)

Is there anything linking everyone's problems? Common VIN numbers, date of manufacture? Seems to be a small percentage of people have this happen, though it's also ranged from brand new bike to second hand and after a few thousand miles. Leads me to believe something is breaking, so perhaps there is no link in build sequence of VINs. Maybe bad sub-contractor parts? Hard to trace, just wondering if we can nail down what is happening. Kind of all over the board here - must not be THAT big a problem.

Yes, it's a problem if it happens to you but what I mean is that there is no rhyme or reason, it's not a systemic problem.
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