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Installation advice for Garmin 2820 and V1

This has been addressed here and there in the past but hoping for some input and advice.
I recently purchased a Garmin 2820 and a Valentine 1. Now my issue is the best way to mount and wire these. In the past I've considered mounts that use the available hole near the grips but I've found that I really prefer having to just glance down when riding rather than looking to the side.
Also, I've read in previous posts issues with CAN bus problems due to adding accessories. I've also seen 'fuse blocks' (I believe) mentioned in posts.
Any advice, things to avoid or watch for, input from someone that may have a Garmin and V1, anything at all would be appreciated. Guess I had better mention that this will be on a '07 GT.

One last thing that I wondered if someone could enlighten me on. Years ago I always had a radar detector in my car. I'm not a crazy speeding maniac, but sometimes I don't like to go 55 or 60 or sometimes I'm just not paying attention to my speed. I gave up the detectors when lasers started becoming more popular with the LEO's. The radar detector really didn't give me much piece of mind when I realized that I could still be picked up by a laser and never know it. So, what do others do about this? Do you just concern yourself about radar and take your chances with laser, hoping that there just aren't many out there? I live in NE Ohio and just about every time I see the local police out on the four lane, they're using lasers (just got my first speeding ticket in twelve years last fall, from a laser). I know that there are laser jammers, but then you end up with your bike looking like a shelf at Best Buy. Also, here in Ohio, you can't drive much more than a half hour on the interstate without seeing the state troopers or the locals. It's big business here. Anyhow, was wondering what others do. I don't neccessarily want to cruise at triple digits all day but holding my speed at 60 or 65 is somewhat frustrating.

Thanks for the help and advice I'm sure I'll be receiving.
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Driving a little fast and not getting caught is like a game you must play with the LEO's. Speed limit 55, we drive 64, and watch everyone pass us. Speed up a little to 70 and keep your eyes open for obvious speed trap areas, not so hard to do. Once in a while shoot up to 85 for a rush, wow lots of fun and then you slow down for a while. Same in a 65 zone, you do 74 and they fly by you, drive 80 and your making good time and probably safe. Shoot up to 85 and you are a target of opportunity for the revenue stream.

The Valentine 1 (which I use) is great for avoiding the stupid little tickets for 45 in a 30mph zone radar. Out on the highway you need two eyeballs and some common sense. I do get some Laser alerts with the V1, but as many here will attest, with laser you are just getting a alert that YOUR speed has been measured! With Radar there is so much scatter (wider scan area with radar) that you can get a real warning from 1-2 miles away as others are being scanned.

Laser detection and avoidance is available but may not be cost effective at this point. Your motorcycle presents a pretty good target with its large shiny headlight. Results with laser blinders are still questionable and are expensive.

Here's a tip. Put the windshield all the way down and it will feel like your going 90! Drive 90 and you will eventually get a ticket and points and higher insurance premiums.

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This is the system I have on my GT:

I can see all the gauges from my vantage point too. Sort of pricey though, but it is billet aluminum and looks better, imo, than a Ram mount, more durable, and less like for theft. I mounted my Escort 9500ix radar detector on the left side and the Garmin XM antenna on the right side. The Zumo is in the middle similar to the photo. My bars aren't as long as the phot's so the extender's don't go out as far and are closer to the Zumo. I'm also using the Garmin quick-release mount under my detector as in the photo. Works quite well.

Under the aluminum platforms for the Escort and Garmin XM radio antenna I Velcro'd the garage door opener on the left and a Ray Samuel's Emmeline P-51 Mustang headphone amplifier that runs to my Ultimate Ears UE-11 in-ear monitors.

The Autocom Pro AVI sits under the passenger seat that mixes all the stuff up to the headphone amp. So far, it's probably the best audiophile setup on a bike possible.


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I recently installed a V1 and Zumo on my '08 GT (both on mirror mounts, both fed from a Cenotech AP-1 fuse block), and am adding a Cheetah / M25 laser jammer this week so this stuff is pretty fresh in my mind. I'll also be adding an Autocom and then I am DONE with the farkling! No really!

A jammer is almost entirely out of sight but yes kind of spendy. The Cheetah control unit sits under the seat and the only visual indicator is a very small LED block that can go on the shelf or in your helmet. Hoping it will buy me a few seconds to notch my speed down before flipping it off, but as noted laser jammers are still pretty new and there isn't much anecdotal evidence yet. The State Patrol around here all have lasers and love to use 'em, so it prolly won't be long before I get a feel for whether the M25 is working for me.

A fuse block is pretty easy to install. Cenotech makes some nice ones, and so does Blue Sea Marine. Waterproofing and/or marine-grade components are a Good Thing.

Most fuse blocks are pretty small, and can be hidden in any of a number of locations. On top of the battery, secured by velcro is a popular location on the GT. Under the seat is another good location. Both are mostly out of the weather.

Whether directly wired or going through a relay, a fusible link or inline fuse is required to keep the battery from catching fire in the event that the fuse block has a problem.

If the fuse block is wired directly to the battery it will be always powered on. If you add a relay in between the battery and the fuse block, and connect the relay's coil wire to a switched circuit like the parking / running lights then the fuse block will only be powered up when the key is on. Might sound a little intimidating but it's really no big deal. There are little clamp-on connectors that make it very easy to tap into an existing circuit for this 'trigger' functionality. My fuse block is currently hard-wired but but I'll be adding a relay when the jammer goes in. I'll try to remember to take some pics when I do it.

Any car stereo installation shop should be able to give you good advice on fuse block installation if you need some face-to-face help, and of course there is a bunch of wisdom available on this site.

Once the fuse block is installed, you have a bunch of easily accessible connections available to power the rest of the farkles. Connecting to the power terminals is a snap, but routing the wires requires some attention to detail so that at no point can the wire be pinched by the forks during a turn, etc. The wires should be attached to the frame or other non-moving components with cable ties every few inches to keep them from flopping around and getting into trouble, chafing from vibration, that kind of thing.
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Originally Posted by KitsapGT
...and am adding a Cheetah / M25 laser jammer this week so this stuff is pretty fresh in my mind....
Haven't heard of that one yet.

Here's the 2008 reviews of Laser Jammers by the Guys of Lidar.

The Croatian-made Laser Interceptor by Ivan seems to have their best marks so far. Some state's it's illegal to use or own, but who cares anyhoo. The fine for having one is less than the fine for speeding, points, insurance, and whatevers - at least in CA. It jams, warns you first with a chance to slow down, and then un-jams in mere seconds.

Too bad the state just doesn't issue some "Get-out-of jail-free card" for maybe $300. Just turn it over to the cop and say 'See ya!" if stopped (excluding felonies). I'd buy one in a moment. Help the busted state out too.

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LOL at the get-out-of-jail-free card, I'd take two.

The Cheetah M25 Rider Kit is a Blinder M25 kit repackaged for motorcycles. It adds some bike-specific features like waterproofing and wireless in-helmet display.

Great info on the Jammer review, thanks Mack!

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If all you're adding is a gps and a V1, then you can use the existing gps wiring socket on the bike. It is located just in front of the battery, under the small cross rail. There is a BMW plug that fits it that you can wire your gps and V1 to. This plug is controlled by the CanBus, and easily has enough power for what you need. I've run two GPS's and my V1 off it for a lot of miles with no problems.

If you're going to start adding other things like lights, intercom, heated gear, etc., then a fuse block is the way to go.

As for location, the handlebar mounts are OK, but a dash shelf will get things up higher and more centered into your normal field of vision. There are a few options here as well, but I like the Big Mak eDash Shelf. It is well built and sturdy, which means your gps doesn't bounce around at speed.

You have a few options here, so figure out which way works best for you.

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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

I was reading on another, older thread on here that someone used the BMW mount for their GPS. He also mentioned the existing plug in front of the battery. At the moment, the GPS and V1 is all I have. Once I learn more about the Garmin I'm sure I'll be researching posts on the bluetooth capability and how to make the best use of it.

Does anyone know if the BMW GPS mount will fit the 2820?

Thanks again.
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I've seen threads where it will mount but the buttons do not function, they are really different animals...
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