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Exclamation About Quick Disconnects - Seriously?

"Finally" I got the GT back together and took her for a ride. New Power FRK installed. New audio stuff (Sony Walkman X-Series with gold-leads back to Autocom). Nylon 1/4" standoffs on that servo on the throttle body with longer screws. Metal quick-disconnects to replace the cheap plastic ones.

Took her out for a 120 mile spin since dealer installed new software and new airbox, which took a month and prodding by BMW NA who's tech installed it. The dash clock runs in 12 hour mode now instead of 24 hour mode. That's different.

Some problems were gas tank grew a bit in the 103 degree heat and would not fit into the bike. That part is my fault for sealing the tank's vent while waiting for sealant to dry. Some hot towels and a bit of vacuum took care of that over two days of work. No visible leaks showed up. Body panels are a bit tight though since the swelling, but all screws went in. Oh well.

Test ride with Power FRK is amazing! Very smooth. No flat spot at 3200 RPM when cranked up. Slow speed was smooth as well like the bike should have been beforehand. So smooth I imagined I was smelling a rich fuel mixture off the pipe. Turns out I was - except that it wasn't off the pipe, the damn bike's gas tank is leaking somewhere.

Yep. Once home in the garage, I saw several drips on the floor showed up quickly and I smelled it. Damn it! Gasoline! Left side is covered in fuel splash, and you can see it on the rubber foot shifter too.

Lifted the fuel cap to depressurize the tank. No "Whoosh!" sound so I guess the vent is working. The only thing I can figure is the new quick-disconnect is leaking someplace since this appears to be a pressurized leak. I have the Viton quick-disconnect, but it seemed very loose when I plugged it into the receiving end in the tank. The older plastic one is much tighter, now even squeaky tight since it has dried out. The O-ring on the older one seems to have swelled or be a bit larger than the new metal one. I hope BMW hasn't used one of their magic swelling O-rings like they used on their older RT gas tanks. They were they size of a pencil when new, but swelled up like a donut once gas hit them.


I may call the outfit that sells the metal ones and ask in the AM about getting some more O-rings or different sized ones that may seal better. A fan is on the bike now since I don't want to jerk the battery (sparks) until it dries out and cools down a bit.

Will await the "tank pull" to see what is leaking.


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Dam, I can't believe the bad luck you're having. Sounds like you need a 13GT.



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Sorry to hear you're still having problems, Mack.

But I will say the quick disconnects are fine. I've been using that exact style for 15 years on some machine equipment that I support. As long as you put them together smoothly and don't nick an o-ring, they will seal and hold up without any problems.

I'd be more worried about that other place that you had to seal off leaking through. Either way, it sounds like it's time for another tear down.

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Dude..... Major bummer.....I HATE this kind of stuff.

Just remember to remove any sledge hammers from the area before you start to work on it.

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Just back from getting all the body work off. Seems to get easier the more you do it. Tank is still in there along with horrible gas smell. Ugh! I'll wait some more... Maybe I should just toss a match at it and go for the insurance.

I'll note that even though the gas tank is half empty after a mere 120 miles, it did show 43.5 mpg on the dash computer.

Don't know about the 1300 yet. I'm still kicking around what the mechanic told me about "first year models." Mine's an '06 and it was a first year model.

Aside, I wonder what happened to that S1000RR (or whatever the hell BMW calls it) race bike that made it's race debut someplace? Then it mysteriously vanished at Laguna Seca? Probably done blowed up something like that photo of the rod through the case in the K12/1300S forum on this site. . If it is to show up at the dealer's in Jan. 2010, they better have the damn thing debugged!

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Sorry to hear about your woes but at least the road test showed marked improvement from all the work - once you lock down the gas leak it should be ok.

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Originally Posted by GMack

Don't know about the 1300 yet. I'm still kicking around what the mechanic told me about "first year models." Mine's an '06 and it was a first year model.

I also had the 2006 ( early model). Took one test ride on the 1300 and I was hooked. 3 months of ownership and it is just fabulous except for a fuel guage problem, and I am sure it will eventually be taken care. MInor,,
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This AM, I pulled the tank up a bit and looked down into the front around the fuel line. No apparent leak as it was bone dry. The yellow fiberglass insulation looked wet with gas though. Odd.

I don't get why the gas is coming out the "left side" of the bike while the Q.D. is on the "right side" of the tank (sitting on the bike) and the opening of the fuel hose on the 90 degree Q.D. also faces towards the right side? The area behind the left radiator cap reservoir is wet from gas as well. Hope it isn't some spray off the injector rail and all the funky O-rings in there. Ugh!

I decided to go to CarQuest and buy a little one once bottle of fuel dye ($8) to dump into the tank. Guy also sold me a UV flashlight and some yellow goggles (another $45), both of which help to see the yellow green fluorescence of the dye wherever the leak appears. It really does light up when the UV flashlight hits it (I spilled some on some paper to check it out).

I wanted to get a flexible borescope to go with it but they were out. He's got 20 of the things ($275 each!) coming in the next day or two. I don't know why all the stuff like that is flying out their doors lately, but he says there is a lot of leaky stuff out there lately (air conditioning leaks too). The scope will allow me to see under and around the area to figure out where the damn gas is coming from. If I can find it with the dye, UV light, and goggles then I won't need it. Can't be any worse than sitting in the shop another month at $85/hr. and now needing to pay for the labor stuff since the warranty expired last week.

Suggestion was to dump the stuff in the tank and wiggle it around (no fuel pump action) to stir it up. Let it sit overnight and then hit it with the UV light in the AM to check for an "unpressurized" leak. Then do it after it has been running for 5-10 minutes or so and check the pressure side.

We'll see....

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Bought some flexible borescope with a TV screen and began probing the front of the tank from the right side nearest the front mounting screw of the tank. The underside of the injection hose (the damn Q.D. one) was, oddly, a bit darker in color. Maybe a fuel leak and it was running down underneath over to the left side?

Turned on the key on while the scope was in there. Nothing abnormal seen. All dry. You need to do this in a darkened area too like a colonoscopy exam. Sounded like fuel pump turned on a bit along with all the ABS and brake servo stuff growling. No leak spotted though.

Started the bike and "Whoa Nelly!" The area at the Q.D. was seen to be spitting fine droplets of "Fuel Raspberrys" to the backside of the battery (back-to-front) on the borescope's TV screen. Too bad I don't have a way to capture it off the unit's RCA video-out connector to post. It was pretty amazing to watch. Only when the engine is running does the thing leak (I thought the pump was engaged once the key was on? Seems only when engine is running does it pressurize up.).

So I would assume the O-ring in the Q.D. is messed up - or the two Q.D.'s do not match somehow - as the leak is definitely back-to-front. Can't be the clamp on the fuel line as it points to the right side towards the camera's lens (inserted on right side). Maybe the screw-in of the Q.D. into the tank maybe? My hunch is the damn Viton O-ring on the elbow as the new metal Q.D. is far easier to engage than the older plastic one (i.e. the original BMW one).

Not much sizing stuff on the O-rings to be found tonight. I'll guess it is a size -011 (silly online O-ring sizing chart).

More later...

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