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trigger wire for Motolights

Ok, spent some money this weekend

I wired in some hyperlites for the rear and for the switched relay, I used a wire from the bikes unused alarm system wiring harness as per their instructions, all is good, don't get behind me now as my flashing brakes lights will annoy you. (I MAY cut the wire to make them only flash 5 seconds, not decided yet)

Next is the caliper mounted motolights, I installed them and ran into wiring issues so I took them off for now. The instructions for installing on a BMW are not too clear in my opinion, one of the wires needs to be spliced into a switched wire. My dealer suggested the Red wire on the GPS harness, I read here and other forums where people spliced into a wire on the accessory plug and motolights "suggests" the front parking lamp.

1. What are people using ? I did search but either I missed it or people find it too obvious to mention and just say "spliced into switched wire".

2. How did you run the wires from the lights to the harness ? I followed the brake lines and stuffed them into a cavity on the right side of the fairing (right side when facing the front wheel) But I am not convinced that was smart.

3. Since I already spliced into it once, can I again use the green/white wire on the alarm circuit ? If I understand this correctly, its just used as a trigger wire no real load on it, just the hassle of getting a wire to the back of the bike.

4. Do you have to take off the tupperware ? The motolights instructions suggest (again only suggests) that you do not remove any fairing and wire the lights up, that way according to their documentation you can fix any problems on the side of the road without removing tupperware.

I am wiring this directly to the battery as suggested by motolights and not going to get a fuse block for this, maybe that is a mistake but its what they recommend and besides, I blew my savings this weekend. I was leaning towards the GPS wire as my dealer suggested but then the lights can stay on for a minute after I shut off the ignition, I think I would prefer them to shut off with the key, that is where the parking lamp would be better I think. I ASSUME they mean one of the little lights next to the headlight that I call driving lamps, not parking but that is just terminology. I have no idea how much of the fairing/tupperware I have to take off to get to that wire and splice into it.
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This is how I mounted my Motolights (see picture). Just follow the brake lines up and under the fairing. This is how I wired everything.

John 06 KGT
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cool that helps, now I just need to figure out the switched wire since I am not installing a centech.
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I'm not sure just where you're at or what you want to do with your Motolight install. The Motos are powered through a relay that came with the kit. The relay needs two sources of power. One to switch the relay on and off which can use a fairly low amp circuit and the other to supply power to the Motolights when the relay is activated. The second circuit requires a high amp circuit such as a direct connect to the battery. If you want to have the Motolights come on all time with the headlight, you need to tie the switch side of the relay to the power supply wire to the headlight. However, I'm a big fan of circuit protection and the CANBUS system doesn't use any conventional fuses. That's why I sent you the information on the CENTECH. You can of course add in line fuses to protect your electrical system.

When I installed my Motolights I used the supplied on/off switch so I always have the option of running them or not. I also wanted to make sure that I could easily turn them off should I have any problems with the lights.

I hope this information is of some assistance.

John 06 KGT
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hyper lites

you did mention that you are aware that flashing will annoy drivers behind. I don't want to rain on your july 4 but this is one experience I had. A few years back I volunteered to drive for a Ironman competition. The day arrived for a practice run with the 24 or so motor bikes on the bike course. Almost everyone was a seasoned rider and even a 6 goldwing stunt team was in the mix. As we pulled out onto the street I was about 12 in line. At the first stoplight brake lights went on. I was shocked- stunned-annoyed whatever. All combinations of lights flickered, blinked, above, below and aside of the license plates. Watching the show I almost forgot to stop. When we were making a turn at a stop you could differentiate the direction the bikes were going to turn. It was very confusing. I made up my mind then I was staying stock on my lights. Give it some thought and be safe.
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yes that is a serious concern and one that my wife and i have talked about already. The hyperlites let you cut a wire and will flash for 5 seconds and go solid, I have not yet cut the wire so they flash continuously when my brakes are on for now.

My wife is concerned I might annoy people behind me and they might do something stupid to make sure they are in front of me at the next stop light. My daughter said with constant flashing she would likely assume I was some idiot driving with my emergency flashers on and not think of it as a brake light.

I generally avoid riding in groups so I wont be part of a light show like you were but it is a concern.
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The motolight harness has a inline fuse and I would not wire it up without one anyway (I own several old british cars, well aware of electrical gremlins and what happens to unfused circuits). Wiring up the lights to battery is not a problem, its that trigger wire that I was asking what people are using for the trigger. I am going to see about hooking it up to the lights in the fairing, hoping I don't have to take too much crap off to get to it.
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For the Motolights, I use an Autoswitch ( link ).

They have installation instructions and photos on their website for the K1200GT and the R1200GS as well. Very well documented as to which wires to access. Mine is set to trigger through the turn signal cancel button (a 2 second press activates the Autoswitch). No other external switch is needed.

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I have both HyperLites and MotoLites, and am well pleased with both.

I set the HyperLites to only flash 5 seconds partially because I understand that is a legal limit in California.
I do not know if this is typically enforced.

2004 BMW K1200GT (grey-green)
Bakersfield, CA, USA
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How you want things to turn On/Off will specify where you tap into the bike at for the relay trigger wire. Here are your options:

ON all the time - direct to battery (my GPS units are wired this way with no relay).

ON with the key and OFF ~60 seconds after the key - use the Red/White wire from the GPS accessory plug, located up in front of the battery.

ON with the key and OFF with the key - use either the extra power socket on the left side of the bike, or the parking light up near the headlight (for which there is a plug & play harness available).

ON when the engine starts (as opposed to when the key is turned on) and OFF with the key - use the Low Beam light feed, although this does require splicing in to the existing wiring.

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