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I know windshields again....

I know another tread about windshields, is a never ending discussion, but I am new to the 13 Gts so I want to hear about you GT riders.
Do you guys have experience with the Calsci windshields on the 13 GT?
If you do, can you please tell how is your experience related to the tall BMW windshield?.
I used Aeroflow on all my GSs and worked very well, I know they are the best but price is almost $400 for one of those.
I was looking at the Calsci ($185) shields and they make sense with the technical explanation they provide on their website.
I will appreciate your comments/experiences with any aftermarket windshield you had/have on your Gts.

Thank you all,

Ride safe


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I spent a lot of cash "trying out" other screens. I tried pretty much every screen option on my GT. CalSci, Vstream, several different Cee Bailey sizes, etc.

I'd have been happier and spent much less if I'd just have gone with Aeroflow in the first place. It just flat works. Nothing but clean, quiet air, such that I can actually run it much lower than the other options and still be comfortable. Well over 100K miles later, I still feel that way.

The AeroGards add to the cost, but they offer two main improvements. Without them, the skinny GT fairing allowed a lot of wind and bugs all up my arms. With them, no more bug-arms. And with them, I can keep my mesh gloves on down to about 50į before I'm looking at swapping them out.

After you put a couple thousand miles on this setup, you'll have forgotten how much it costs . . .

If you prefer a smaller screen that's closer to stock shape but still works much better, then a CalSci screen might be what you're after. It's closer to stock size, but with a much better curve and a small cutout that really minimizes turbulence and noise.

So if you want a sleek, sporty GT (and ride mostly solo), then go with a CalSci screen (much better wind management in a near-stock size and shape). But if you want real protection for the elements (as does your passenger), just go with the AeroFlow and AeroGards. Yes, they're expensive, but they flat work.

Hell, if money was the top concern here, we'd all be riding the Original ZG-1000 Concours bikes, or maybe a slightly-used FJR.

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I'm with Meese partly on this one...I run a Cal-Si and have tried the V Stream and stock shields. I have to say that the Cal is far and away the best for wind and noise management. The differance is like day and night. So much in fact that when its really hot, I find it uncomfortable as I can't seem to get enough air past it to keep my cool. I usually move back and forth between the stock shield and the Cal depending on temp. I find it a great early spring or fall fit. It blocks that much wind.
Its funny too, as it makes the cockpit so quiet you hear noises you never heard before...kind of weird...they were always there but yo can actually hear them now.
I am put off a bit on how easy it marks, part of the type of material I guess, and I can see a 'blue-purple' sort of color at times in the sun. Again...I think its part of the construction material.
I have the medium size, and I am looking just over the top when cruising, the shield about a quarter up. I am not a fan of looking through the shield, if I wanted that, I would take the car. Or a G Wing.

hope this helps..

07 Kgt
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I run the Cee Bailey's barn door model for the winter and like it. I found a stock BMW (short) screen and it's the ticket for hot weather. The short screen just comes to the top of my GPS and radio box in the down position so I get all the air hitting my chest on up however, it's pretty smooth air.

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I agree with Meese, too.

I've had the BMW "tall" shield which makes a great pocket of air from my chest, down. It would be perfect for a 4'9" rider...

I also tried the V-Stream "tall" screen which is significantly wider than the stock shield and it moved the wind blast up to my neck/chin area... Great for a 5'9" rider, I would assume, but it turns out that having the wind blast moving directly past your helmet is incredibly noisy and, incidentally, the V-Stream severely amplified a high-speed vibe I have in my lightly dented fornt wheel. (speeds over 120mph)

Finally, I installed the CalSci "tall" shield and the blast is directed to the very top of my helmet. Nice, 'quiet-er' place to spend the day... I'm tall (6'4") and I've got a Mayer seat in the "up" position, so I sit pretty high on the bike and if I dip my head about 2", it gets VERY quiet and calm behind the acrylic CalSci. In the full upright position, I'm still looking over the top of the shield and there's just enough wind blast to remind me that I'm on a motorcycle and not in an M5... It also reduced the vibration issue to a very mild tingle, not the terrifying head shake that I got from the V-Stream...

So, if you want to spend a little and get a lot, go with the CalSci. If you're an IBR guy and do 50,000+ miles a year, like Meese, and you want the calmest pocket of air that money can buy, step up to the 'Flow.

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Thank you guys for your help.
I'll let you know the results.

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Originally Posted by moymurfs
I run the Cee Bailey's barn door model for the winter and like it. .
hah, that's what I call mine too, works great 2-up with the wife, but too big for me solo, and huge backpressure almost anywhere but all the way down if she's not onboard.
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+1 for what Meese said on the Aeroflow screen and Aerogards. I am 5' 10" and have the tall screen. The standard Aeroflow screen was not quite enough at its tallest position.

A few comments:
* They work great at giving you a near-perfect, quiet bubble. I still wear earplugs, but with the Aeroflow shield, I don't worry if I forget to put them in, as long as the screen is high enough to deflect the air over my head.

*. On a really hot, humid day, the bubble is too good. I need more air. Removing the Aerogards helps. I install the BMW screen for local summer rides, too.

* On really cold days, they make a huge difference.

* You get what you pay for. They are expensive, but Paige Ortiz (Aeroflow's owner) has put in a lot of time, testing, and effort tweaking the design, with a lot of real-world testing on real K1200GTs (and other motorcycles) prior to production. He knows his craft.
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I am also 5' 10", and i have a question since I am not sure which size should i get.
With the tall shield do you see trough the top of the shield or you see trough it?
Do you use the regular seat in high position?
Because, I only drive/like when I can see over the top of it.
How big does it look ?
I am asking this because I had a Aero in my GS and it was the medium size which worked perfect, but I guess that on the GT is totally different.

Thank you for help


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No hijack intended...

For you guys using the Aeroguards, I was contemplating them...how much more calm air do they provide? An inch? 2 inches? fill me in. I was only planning on running them in the dead of winter.

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