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Switch from RRT to KGT?

As the "K" bug has started to bite me, I have been lurking on this site for the past few weeks and registered today. Yesterday I road my buddies new to him K1200RS (wow, what power!) and I am going to test ride a K1200GT tomorrow. I have owned a 2000 R1100RT since early 2002 and while I must say I have been nothing but pleased with it, I am thinking about the HP and torque that the K bikes have.

The RS is a great bike, but I want the more upright ride of the RT along with its protection and touring capabilities. Is the GT ride style and protection similar to the RT?

I am curious to read any comments any of you may have that have made the switch from the RT to the KGT and how you compare the two. For instance, I love the "flickability" of the RT in tight twisties. Is it accurate to say, as I've heard, that the KGT is more of a "sweeper" type bike and so not as nimble as the RT in the twisties? They are both big, heavy bikes so I am not sure why this would be the case.

Greatly appreciate any information/insight you can provide.

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I've been the very happy owner of a '03 KGT and as far as the riding position, I would have to say that the RT is much more upright, even with the barbacks that I have on mine. I had the opportunity to try an RT when mine was in for the 12k and although I only had the bike overnight I was happy to be back on my GT. My GT seems to be much smoother than the loaner I had, much less vibration through the bars. I did like the extra storage on the RT, but besides that I am a very happy camper. On the GT you have to adjust your style a little to 'fit' the bike. I've had little difficulty going 700 - 800 miles in one day on my GT. I enjoy the handling of my bike as well, but it is a little tough in parking lots and at low speeds until you get used to it. I am planning on taking the bike to Key West from my home in New Hampshire in May, I'll let you know how it goes!

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Thumbs up I switched from a 2000RT to a 2006 KGT

Yes, I rode a 2000 RT for 5+ years. I loved that bike! When I saw it rolling away after I sold it, I nearly cried. My sellers remorse lasted until about 10 minutes after I got on the new KGT. The seating position is very similar, but the handling is better, the ride smoother, and the performance unbeleivable. You will not regret the switch.

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I came from an RT to the GT. The GT is everything the RT was and more.
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If it'll help, I'll offer my two cents. I switched from an '05 R12RT to an '06 GT in Jan. this year after putting 27K on the RT in the 18 months I had it. The RT has a little bit more upright sitting position and offers a little bit more protection from the elements. The windscreen and fairing are a little wider. The R12RT handles a lot better than the older RTs, feels lighter (because it is), more flickable, has more power and such niceties as ESA. I don't think the older RTs were any more 'flickable' than the new GT. The old GT doesn't compare. I had an '04 R1150RT for a short time and then an '04 GT for a year and found it to be beast compared to the new one, IMHO.
The GT2 is about the same weight as your RT but has at least 60 more horsepower. That difference is phenomenal and will be the most readily apparent. It'll take some getting used to because the GT's engine is so responsive you're going to have a bit of a learning curve becoming accustomed to bike wanting to leap forward. I've taken the GT through the tight twisties of the north Georgia mountains a few times and the biggest difference I've noticed is that it is so easy to get up to much higher speeds on the GT than it was on the RT before you're into the next curve.
The RT I came off had the same extras the GT does such as ESA, cruise, and the best power assist ABS BMW has come up with. The '07 GT, I believe, doesn't have the power assist which some like and some don't. I find it outstanding because it allows me to always ride with only one finger on the front brake and with that one finger get as much or as little braking as I desire while simultaneously working the throttle.
FWIW, I've had I guess six BMWs in the last five years for various lengths of time and this new GT is by far the best of them for the street for my money. Acceleration and handling sufficient to satisfy the adrenaline addiction plus the comfort for numerous long days in the saddle. I have only one warning. It's going to take some discipline to keep from attracting the attention of the LEOs because the GT does like to fly!

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Robert: Welcome to the board. I too had a 2000 RT. I rode the snot outta that bike and loved every minute of it! Your questions are pretty much spot on. The RT is more upright than the GT. I notice this more as I'm an old fart and the slightly more forward lean was something for me to get used to though I am doing so. Weather protection was considerably more on the RT but with good gear, it's pretty much irrelevant. The RT is definitely more flickable in the tight stuff where the GT hauls ass through the sweepers. Both bikes weigh about the same but the GT has a longer wheelbase. High speed stability on the GT is quite superior to the RT yet, for me anyway, the GT gets bounced around more in windy conditions. I've not figured that out yet and it is bewildering. If you liked telelever, and who doesn't, you will love duolever! What a bike! IMO, the RT is an excellent bike and the GT is all that and more!
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I am riding a demo RT while my GT is getting warranty work done.

Coming from the GT the RT feels gutless at first but that is because of the opposite to the effect that GTPilot was talking about. I stalled the RT this morning because I forgot you have to use a lot more throttle to move off the line than on the GT.

I find the weather protection and seating position very similar, even though I have the bars on the GT in the lowest position. I will probably notice the extra forward lean on the GT when I get mine back, however. The RT would have a slight advantage in the protection stakes and I too have noticed less blowing around on the RT in side winds. However, both are pretty good, especially with ear plugs.

The RT has annoying vibration at most speeds and I hate the position of the mirrors and the way they blur due to vibration. The duo lever suspension on the GT is the best I have ever ridden on and is significantly smoother and yet better damped than the RT. The RT is also better than bikes with normal forks but nothing comes close to the feel of the GT suspension when riding. It is addictive, as is the smooth electric motor like effortless power of the GT.

I can't wait to get back on the GT, even though the RT is an excellent bike that would be fantastic if I hadn't ridden the GT.

One significant difference is that the RT has a much tighter turning circle than the GT, which makes it easy to do U turns in a tight space.


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Just dropped the demo RT off at the dealer and picked up my GT. I couldn't believe how smooth everything was and how smooth the gear change was. I thought the RT gear change was smoother and definitely less mechanical noise, but getting back on the GT the gear change felt like a Japanese bike. There is just no comparison in smoothness.

The other thing I noticed immediately was that the GT felt quite small. Probably because you sit further forward and the fairing is much narrower at the front than the RT. I could also see in the mirrors perfectly, much better than the RT.

After riding for a few minutes and thinking about the differences, the foot pegs are higher and further back, meaning more bend at the knees. I also have straighter arms on the GT although the position of body doesn't feel all that different. Maybe I bend forward a bit on the RT and bend my arms, without noticing it.

The seat on the GT was terrible after the RT seat, though! I think I will get Sargent seats.

All in all, I love the GT and would not be happy at all with an RT.


2007 K1200GT Graphite
Ex 1986 Kawasaki GTR1000
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Well Robert, you're asking about the difference between you R1100RT and the K1200GT. Seems like you've already made the decision to switch to the K without trying the hexhead. I am an outsider here in this forum being a very happy R1200RT owner. My RT has 35k and in most rpm ranges is nearly dead smooth. The transmission on my hexhead is also better that the new Ks I have ridden. According to magazine dyno tests the rear wheel torque for the RT and GT are nearly the same. The GT however does have about a 25 to 27 horsepower advantage. The RT is about 40 pounds lighter, has a shorter wheel-base and is consequently more nimble. My RT also carries more fuel. I have gotten as much as 8.1 gallons in mine. There's maintenance. I can do it all on my RT. I don't think I could do the valves myself on the GT. Finally, there's the minor, well, mishap factor. I just had a very low speen get-off on my RT. The bag lid was scratched up, valve cover protector broken and the mirror popped off. The bike itself was undamaged. What I mean is none of the tuppeware was touched. Had my bike been a GT the damage would have been far more significant. Just something to consider. BTW, I've had my RT to a gps indicated 140+. Really, how much faster do you need to go? Oh, and it gets 47 to 50mpg city.
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RE: Rt to GT

Maybe I can help. I had a '97 RT that I rode for 7 years and 85k. I traded that off for a '05 RT that I kept for 17 months and 24 K. I never liked the red so I traded that for a '07 K12GT. The '05 RT was everything that I loved about the '97 but more. The only thing wrong with it was the mirrors.

That said, I missed the feel of the twin. I felt that I could ride the RT better in the twistees of the Ozarks. The weight of the RT seems lower and is easier to handle in slow situations. The seating and weather protection is very close. I put bar backs on the GT to fit me. There seems to be more farkles for the RT currently. I agree with the above poster about the maintaince of the RT v GT. RT may be more often but cheaper.

I got the best of both worlds and own both :yeah

Rob Lessen
Arma, KS

'73 Honda XL250
'91 R100GSPD
'07 K12GT
'07 R12RT

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