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Fuse block for accessories

I have an 06 KR that I would like to add a few accessories to. I am not keen on the 5 position fuse block I have seen here. Touratech I do like the size and that unused cables are not present, but I think the overall design for weather resistance could be improved. I also like that it has 5 power taps.

I think this style fuse block would be better in the long run for durability. Painless
I am looking at either of the top two fuse blocks on that page. One fuse in each is used for the device, so the remaining 3 or 7 are available for use. I am just not sure if 3 available fuses would be enough to run things cleanly. Iím sure that 3 will power everything if I double tab the fuses, but Iíd rather do things individual, clean and neat.

I donít have any accessories yet, but over the winter Iíd like to set things up. This is what I am thinking so far.

Autocom Active + (already shipped, will be here this week)
Audio Player (Ipod or sat radio, only one, not both)
Cell Phone (only needs power for long trips)

Depending on where I get stationed next, heated clothing
I can deal with the cold for one more winter, but if I get stationed in the frozen tundra again in 2008, Iíll purchase heated clothing (Jacket, gloves, etc)

So for the moment, it seems like 3 power taps would be fine, but I am thinking I should just grab the 7 tap and play it safe for future expansion.

Also, the Painless models offer switched and unswitched power. Can you see a need where I would ever want unswitched power?
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