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Unswitched power can run things like radios, gps, emergency lighting, cell phone outlet etc that 1)have an on/off switch and 2)you may have some use for when the ignition is off in emergencies (ie lost your key, ignition failure)

Even though the kits have the "ABILITY" to run switched power, you still will have to tap into "probably" the ignition circuit to switch it. really the only difference between a fuse box and these "Switched" boxes are the addition of a $2 relay and socket (depending on the brand of relay can be $50).

The touratech has a fuse limit of 15 amps. Probably not a problem. But each circuit is not fuse protected. If one accessory shorts, they all go. (may be a problem if you get heated clothing)
This unit is fully potted which is nice, but there's no cover and it has to mount vertical or downward? which may be difficult finding a good mounting spot because of its size.

The painless stuff I've used before. I like them but they're usually on the expensive side. The set up is less "finished" but with wire loom and electrical tape I'm sure it'll look fine. Smaller size too. Each circuit is fuse protected.

Edit- Don't overlook mounting positions. It's probably the hardest thing in installing these things. Remember to leave space for wiring as well.

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