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Ed.. Yes.. I have the ESA and hate it... I didn't have a choice when I got the bike other than waiting 6 MONTHS for a non-ESA bike.. The system is too generic for my tastes..

They come from the factory set up for the typical American... (read: over 180lbs) and I'm waaay under that so the Sport setting is brutally harsh at anything except 10/10ths and I don't ride that hard (these days) unless I'm on the track...

Originally Posted by FastEddie
Congrats on your report. Not that I had doubts before, since I've always been a huge Pirelli fan, but it's nice to know that when the Bridgestones will be exhausted I'll have made the right decision putting on Corsas.

Only one question: does your bike have ESA? Rear tire photo suggests a *minimal* lack of compression damping. If you have aftermarket shocks, it may be worth trying closing up a click or two. Yes, I AM anal about suspensions...


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