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Luggage Rack mounting hardware

Hi. I've been lurking here a while (and for the most part will continue to do so until the Spring when I expect to take delivery on a K1200 GT...) BUT... in looking forward to merging my motorcycle passion with my other passion, which is photography, I have a question to ask about the luggage rack.

If I want to take along a full digital SLR kit with me on the GT, I could just buy a top case and mount it on the rack and stick the SLR kit in there. That seems like a lot of additional profile for what I want to accomplish. I'd really like to buy a Pelican case and mount it onto the luggage rack. If that's possible, I would also mount a threaded bolt into the top of the case onto which I could screw in a ballhead and use the whole setup as a "tripod".

So here's the question ...

Is there a source for the luggage rack mounting hardware alone that I can permanently affix to a Pelican case so the case can now snap on and off the rack just like a top case?

Any other innovative ideas?

TIA ... looking forward to contributing once I actually own one of these beauties.

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