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Wacky Facts Update!!!

We have,,,

26 States and Canada coming so far!!!

40 at least coming to my house Thursday night!!!

90 going to Richards Friday night!!! I think we had 120 total last year,,, and we still have like 3 months to go!!!

116 bikes,,, 139 people so far...

Those 139 people say they want 147 shirts!!!

Average for the 116 bikes on mileage??? 380 miles 1 way to Moonshine!!!

We have 25 States + Canada coming!!!

The Top 40 bikes are riding 400 miles at least 1 way!!!

The Top 20 bikes are riding 650 miles at least 1 way!!!

The Top 10 bikes are riding 850 miles at least 1 way!!!

The Top 6 bikes are riding 1,000 mile at least 1 way!!!

We have 1 coming from Kingman Arizona to hold 2nd place so far right at 1,700 miles!!!

The Top Dog,,, is riding over 2,000 miles,,, in April,,, from California,,, to Illinois to eat a Moonburger and go home!!!

The EXACT miles you ride will be the miles you put down on the sign in sheet... If it is like me,,, if it is 600 miles somewhere,,, I probably will have 650 when I get there... The sign in sheet will be what we will go by to be "Official"...

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