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Originally Posted by wyeknott
I have three of these chargers and four CAN bus bikes. The only bike that the charger works properly on is the R1200S. On that bike it goes through all stages and will cycle over the days. It will also give the blinking 1/3 red light when it sulfates. On the other three bikes I only get one charge cycle (all lights through 3/3) and then it shuts off. At the end of charging the last light or the first light may remain lit but there is no charging going on as evidenced by monitoring the battery voltage with a digital voltmeter (voltage slowly goes down with time). I believe the chargers did work on the original K12S factory software load but not after the first upgrade so it may indeed be a software issue.

Very interesting. Mine "appears" to be working fine on my V 6.0 GT2.

It will be interesting see what comes of this. Please keep us posted.


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