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I own a 2006 K1200R with 2600 miles on it and a Honda VFR.

I absolutely love the VFR and am falling in love with the Beemer. Honestly, it's a hard decision to go in the garage and decide which one to ride on my time off. Life is good!

The VFR has less straight line power and speed but has the most loyal following of probably any bike Honda has ever made except for the Wing. The VFR is a GREAT all around bike. Good for long distances, great for the twisties (I live in them) and great for reliability. If a VFR could be killed, mine would be dead from hard twistie riding. I fricken love the bike.

The K1200R is also a great bike. I'm not quite glued to it yet as 2600 miles isn't enough to "be one with the bike". It has more raw straight line power, is very comfortable for me, but, in the twisties, I can run away from it with my VFR. The longer wheelbase of the BMW is good in some respects but one must REALLY understand and be able to execute cornering to beat the many more capable cornering bikes out there.

I think once I get rid of the Pilot Roads that came on the bike and get some real twistie tires on the bike, it will become more loveable. I'm also considering a 2007 CBR600RR. The reviews on this bike are almost too much to ignore.

Having the kid out of college with a Master's and having a decent income can be dangerous when it comes to toys. But the shit that comes with the income...nevermind. Life is good....
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