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Originally Posted by sjb103052
Hi. I've been lurking here a while (and for the most part will continue to do so until the Spring when I expect to take delivery on a K1200 GT...) BUT... in looking forward to merging my motorcycle passion with my other passion, which is photography, I have a question to ask about the luggage rack.

If I want to take along a full digital SLR kit with me on the GT, I could just buy a top case and mount it on the rack and stick the SLR kit in there. That seems like a lot of additional profile for what I want to accomplish. I'd really like to buy a Pelican case and mount it onto the luggage rack. If that's possible, I would also mount a threaded bolt into the top of the case onto which I could screw in a ballhead and use the whole setup as a "tripod".

So here's the question ...

Is there a source for the luggage rack mounting hardware alone that I can permanently affix to a Pelican case so the case can now snap on and off the rack just like a top case?

Any other innovative ideas?

TIA ... looking forward to contributing once I actually own one of these beauties.

As you found there are many various ways of choosing and mounting luggage. However most are all stock motorcycle options to put storage space on a bike. The tail is the worst place to put fragile electronic kit. I've had pc motherboards fail after collecting them from the postal agent, and once the lid on a tin of paint burst open - what a mess.

Now I always carry delicate stuff on my person. If I was going to carry camera kit a lot, I'd look at putting a 4 point bungy suspension inside for the camera in whatever tail box I was thinking of using. Just because a box has padding inside, doesn't protect the contents from the G-forces and impact knocks from this heavy bike when riding, if the box has direct contact with the bike through its fixings.

As you move from the tail rack forward to the tank, the effect of G-force and knocks from the single point rear suspension reduce, but engine vibration increases making a padded tank bag just for the delicates a better choice.

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