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Your experience on the difference between the RT and GT is very similar to what I felt while riding a demo RT a few days ago. It is surprising that the riding postion doesn't feel all that different when going from the GT to the RT, just a small difference as you described.

I noticed the extra wind on the arms after moving to the GT from the Kawasaki GTR1000 with a larger Cee Bailey screen and while noticable, it is not a problem. The main thing I notice is that the rider and passenger get severely buffetted with strong side winds, something that I don't remember as much on the GTR. The wind seems to hit the body at full strength as if the screen wasn't there, every now and then, which jerks your body but doesn't affect the bike much. It is only really a problem in open country with strong 90 degree cross winds. I have the large BMW screen but a wider after market screen may be better. Maybe I should ride at 160kph rather than 120kph, which is close to the 110kph speed limit in Western Australia.

Great to see you enjoying the fantastic K1200GT. The bike is fantastic at overtaking cages at any speed and can only be described as effortless at whatever you ask it to do. I have never driven anything that can overtake in any gear at any speed the way the GT does. You see the gap and wham the bike is through it and gone. Fantastic!


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