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1027 miles of smiles...

I've posted this elsewhere but should have posted here too....

This past weekend, six of us got together for what has become an annual ride.

The group is made up of mostly youngsters and us 'old' guys...hahahaha! You're as
young as you feel

Our route would take us through the Napa Valley to Eureka on day one. The next day
found us testing the limits of traction (or some of us at least) on Hwy 36. And the third,
home via the coast and 128. In all, over a thousand miles of riding spread over three
days. For the three non-BMW riders, kudos Baby! They were on Suzuki's SV650 (2)
and a GSXR 750.

We met early Friday for the ride through SFO, across the Golden Gate and finally into
Napa where we stopped for lunch at Marie's place.

This report doesn't stop for pictures. One thing youth brings is a need for speed
(responsibly of course). Needless to say, when we did stop it was for gas and maybe
a pitcha or two...

Next stop, the Redwoods. We found these guys watching the roads for us.

We arrived in Eureka only to find the Village Idiots had taken over the hotel. The
Northstars were there too--what happens in Eureka stays in Eureka--but the
Yankee Beemers Rule Baby!

Day two found us on 36. Whoa what a ride! Dang! Who knew a road engineer could
take a little 168 mile road and turn it into such fun?

Our GS driver, Paul, takes a shot at a group shot.

A look at one of the bridges that cross the various water features along the route.

The RS has some nice farkels for the ride. Check out the cool touch in the cockpit.

Standing around trying to figure out where the heck we are...

A little while later, we came upon the dirt portion of the road. Nobody said anything
about dirt...

Luckily, it was only a short stretch. Less than a mile. Maybe even less than a half.
OK. So it was only a couple of hundred yards.

On the way back, with one crossing behind us, we stopped at the shoe tree to
enjoy the shade.

This tree had tons of shoes hanging from it.

I would regret this little stop later as it's here (or maybe elsewhere) that I picked
something up in the rear tire. It's also about lessons learned. A word on that later.

We stopped at a cross roads for a break. Paul enjoys a nap of sorts. I lament how the
gravel in the last section. Wait. It's coming...

Back on the bikes, it was off to this little overlook...where I discovered one of life's
great lessons. The two wheel kind. But not before (or maybe after) I had a look at
this beautiful view.

For as I came to a stop, I said "I think the rear's a little soft" to which the reply
"holy shit! It's flat!" was the reply. Damn. Brand new tire with (at this point) less
than a thousand miles on it. I reached for the plug kit...you will note that I had
carefully removed the cases before this ride. And I was careful to take the plug kit
out of them but foolish enough not to put it in the tank bag. At this point, we are
seventy plus miles from Eureka. Maybe ten or so from the nearest civilization.

Note to self. Put that thing under the seat where it belongs and never (and I mean
never) leave home without it. Oh, and those CO2 cartridges? You should practice
with them 'cause they can be a little tough to use :cry

All's well that ends well so to speak.

I made it back in one piece. Got the tire pressure sorted out and made ready for the
ride home.

Home would take us South on 101 to Leggett where we headed for the coast along
the Shoreline Highway. A brief stop for some road construction and we were off to
Fort Bragg for lunch.

Lunch at The Wharf in Noyo Harbor (two thumbs up)...

You can probably tell from the pictures that the coast was a little foggy.

Because of the coolness of the air (and perhaps the twistyness of the road), we
opted to come inland along highway 128 and to the town of Cloverdale. The rest of the
way was a bit of a commute and each of us headed our separate ways home.

In all, over a thousand miles of riding in some of the prettiest country California
has to offer.

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