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Originally Posted by voxmagna
That's interesting because when I first got my RS I wondered about trying to get a more upright 'cruiser' position and found that BMW do a complete top yolk for the 'police spec' models (probably lots of $$s). The advantage I saw, was that there's a lot more choice in bar styles.

However, and they do mention this on the site, you have to watch for clearance around the front fairing and screen as some bar styles may be quite radically different. Also the clutch line is a pain using a very small banjo at the slave and I haven't found anybody yet that can re-make the line in different lengths.

What's nice about these is you don't have to strip off the top yolk, they just replace the existing risers. So if you don't like your high 'Ape' bars you can easily put the oems back. But I think controls, wiring and hydraulics are still going to be an issue.

The most likely conflict with most handlebars on a K1200RS will be the mirrors with the screen. Clearance with the OEM BMW authority bars/top triple clamp is marginal at best during low speed full lock manoeuvres.
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