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Thumbs up Max BMW, Extended Warranty by Interstate and Speedo Repair

I put this in the Dealer Experience forum, but could be in other forums.

Posted some months back about a speedometer problem - indicated speed at idle fluctuated from 0 to 30, to 0, to 30, to 10, ... Thought it was a bad connection in the wiring harness or somewhere in the instrument panel. Wrong - the whole panel itself tested bad. The guys at Max BMW did the diagnostics and service manager Tony did the work to get it covered by my extended warranty. Good thing - that part alone was $950.29 [Bike now shows a grand total of 6 miles.] Max wrenches also got my temp gauge fixed. The temperature gauge problem was with both the instrument panel and a sensor :wtf Recently my idle had become a bit unsteady and the guys at Max BMW traced the problem to the idle acutator - also covered by my extended warranty. I was getting a vibration when starting out after the bike had been sitting and thought it was from a bearing in the tranny or final drive going bad - had visions of the final drive locking up at speed . Wrong again - was a plug lead not being seated right and plug was fouled. Guess it was partially self-cleaning after riding a short distance so the big vibration stopped. They replaced the set to be sure things were right.

I had taken these problems with the gauges and speedo to Cliff's BMW 4 times and they never managed to fix anything. I got nothing other than a collosal waste of time and a crack in my fairing. Responsibility for the crack was denied by Cliff himself, but I know they did it because it wasn't cracked when I left it with them . I took the mechanical problems to Tony at Max BMW one time and all those problems were fixed plus the idle speed and vibration problems.

Some people have gotten good sales and service from from Cliff's BMW, but from me:
for Cliff and his service crew:
to Max and Tony

But wait, Cliff's BMW did do something good for me. Bob Rosen sold me a good extended warranty. It was through BeemerCycle and is "administered" by Interstate National Dealer Services of Florida. Interstate talks to the dealer service manager and makes a decision about coverage ahead of time. Then the work is done, customer signs invoice (by fax), invoice faxed to Interstate, and dealer gets authorization for a charge to an Interstate credit card account. This means the dealer gets paid immediately and the rider doesn't have to put up the money and apply for a refund. All I paid was the sales tax and for the plugs (wear item - that's valid). This quick pay system is a recent innovation at Interstate - and a good one for us. When I asked Tony what he thought about Interstate, he said that in his experience, it was the best 3rd party warranty.

My policy cost $850 in July of 03 - including the extra cost option to cover ABS. It extends the factory warranty by 4 years and there's no mileage limit - good for me since my BMW warranty was finished before 2 yrs due to mileage. So, I actually got 5 yrs extension to 7 years.

As of now, I have collected $1436. I also need to follow up on coverage for fork seal replacement done last summer. That was covered by the warranty, but at that time the system was that I had to pay then get reimbursed. But the reimbursement didn't come and I need to follow up. Anyway, I'm ahead of the game - the $850 was well spent. Aside from wear and maintenance items, about everything is covered by the policy. There are exclusions, but the list is sorta reasonable. I'm sure somebody somewhere has gotten screwed, but they are looking pretty good to me.
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Do you have any contact information for the extended warranty?

I'm beginning to investigate this as my GT will be out of warranty by this summer. Was kind of in between on getting an extended warranty - but if it's a GOOD extended warranty thatm ight be a different story....


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I agree!

I purchased my extended warranty from Cliff's as well, but they will never see my bike for service which in one way, is a shame, cuz one of their service tech's (Dave I believe) is a wizard with electrical add-ons. Then again, my XM wiring malfunctioned within a year of installation. Never went back to complain cuz I do not believe Cliff would have given any consideration to the problem.

I will join you in going to MAX when I need service or warranty work!

Fortunately, I have not had to use my E.W. yet.

I wonder if Cliff surf's this site? I would like to think all dealers do so that they can at least address these issues internally. Yea right!

can't get service in NYC, Westchester or Danbury any more.

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Originally Posted by flyboy
I wonder if Cliff surf's this site? I would like to think all dealers do so that they can at least address these issues internally. Yea right!

can't get service in NYC, Westchester or Danbury any more.
I know Bob Rosen at Cliff's used to surf I-BMW - know that because he responded to a post I made a few years ago. Here's what happened.

I had top case mount custom-made for me by a local machinist. When the machinist took the mount to their showroom to check the fit (he lives much closer to Cliff's than me and was making other custom stuff for Cliff's to sell), Cliff and Bob liked it enuf to offer to sell them and posted the picture of my top case on their web site implying that they had worked out the design "for the benefit of K12RS riders." When I saw the picture and posted on I-BMW that this was my topcase and mount that the machinist and I had worked out, they called the machinist all pissed off and dropped all connections with him.

If you are wondering, this happened before my problem with Cliff so that wasn't the motivation for their attitude. Nor did I accuse Cliff's of design theft - I just bragged about the machinist and me. Truth is I was flattered by their response. They were not happy with mine.
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Originally Posted by alowishus
Do you have any contact information for the extended warranty?
Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.
333 Ovington Blvd.
Uniondale, NY 11553

800-942-0400 or 516-222-1818

[Florida in my original post came from an application form, but doesn't appear anywhere else.]

I think the policies are only sold through dealers, but you can likely get info on dealers who sell them from the 800 #.

FWIW, paperwork says it's a service contract, not insurance or a warranty. They say the contract is backed by an insurance policy should the terms not be met. I don't understand any of it, but am very happy they came through for me. I have more trust now that they will again if I need it - BUT I also think there's a possibility that Tony at Max BMW had a hand in getting everything covered. Good guy, Tony.
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It's interesting that others are displeased with the service at Cliff's BMW in Danbury. In August, I had transmission seals and clutch replaced on my 98 K1200RS. I had to return the bike three times to repair a leaking output shaft seal that they replaced (they admitted that initially they did not use the correct tool to install the seal) and almost immediately, I noticed an oil leak from the junction of the engine/clutch housing. They claimed that nothing was wrong. Now I have a puddle on the belly pan. Having spoken to their service department last Friday, I've yet to hear from them so I don't know if they will continue to deny that a problem exists. In my experience, they have never been very responsive in returning calls or performing service in a timely manner.
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I will NEVER go back to Cliff's Cycle Revolution in Danbury CT again

I've had problems with service from Cliff's Cycle Revolution in Danbury as well. When I had new tires installed at 5600 miles they put long gouges in both rims, down to the metal. They also left the rear caliper bolts loose and the front fender just about fell off on the long ride home. Also told me they fixed a sticking front brake lever. They charged (raped) me to "inspect" the front brake lever and "adjust" some swing arm piviot bearing things. I was planning to go on a long trip in a few weeks and barely had the time off work to drop off/pick up the bike, much less bring it back again. So I tightened the bolts and used some silver touch up paint on the wheels.

I return with the bike 2 weeks later and show them how the front brake lever sticks which causes the power brakes to stay on and my pads/calipers were smoking hot. Idiot told me to spray some WD40 in the brake lever!! The same one they charged me to work on for a new bike (5600 miles) under warranty. I ended up replacing the whole $360.00 front brake master cylinder assembly at my expense the night before I took the bike on a long trip the next weekend.

I will NEVER go back to Cliff's Cycle Revolution in Danbury CT again. NEVER.
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Thanks for the feed back,MAX BMW is looking better and better............
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