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Thumbs up Riding the S

Have nearly 6000 miles on mine and closing in on finishing my third set of M1 tires. The S is not the bike to buy for long distance touring, even one up as it just naturally pulls you into the turns on every road you pass

Power, it has that, but even more important, it has extreme speed stability! I ride with a couple younger (in their early 30s compared to my mid 50) gentlemen. One rides a new 2006 GSXR1000 and one rides a 2005 Honda 1000RR. Both bikes scream "crotch rocket."

Nevertheless, on top end, the GSXR will pass both the Honda and the S (in that order) with plently of power left in the Suzuki. However, (and all riders are very experienced in track riding too) neither of the rice bikes hold a candle to the S when it comes to cornering. Whether it is running the twisties and switchbacks or max speed sweepers, the S was unchallenged! The front end of both the GSXR and the RR were chattering all over the road on corners that the S was pulling away on with silky smoothness.

Have scrapped knee on the S at 155 and also side slipped the rear wheel to slingshot out of corners at 100+ with NO chattering of either the front or rear wheel. This thing is not "on a rail" it IS the rail!

Also, I have done a quick 550 miles in one day (actually 7 hours) with a good mix of twist, sweepers and open highway. The comfort level was really surprising. However, I believe I am too old to try a multiple ooo mile trip on it as that would mean at least two sets of tires and I would no doubt miss the cruise factor.

To truely ride this bike, one has to take the time to "learn" it, hence that is why my first set of tires lasted 2500 miles. Second were shredded at 1800 and the third are pushing another 1800 to 2000. (plan on trying the Pilot powers next).

One short test ride, even for a whole day, will not give you the appreciation of what this bike can do. You have to develop a true love affair and keep buying her gifts (tires) so she will open her attributes to you.

Yes, my wife is jealous, but she has already told me to order the new GT for our two up adventures (don't you just hate pushy women?).

Anyway, thats my 2 cents.
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