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Smile riding into Canada

Hi everyone, my wife and her parents have decided for me that instead of riding to the Rockies this summer we will be riding to Quebec City in July for the 400th anniversary bash/thing. I'm very fortunate I have a wonderful wife and great in-laws (no they aren't watching me type this). If I can ride I'll go anywhere.
I've never ridden up into Canada so I have questions I hope you all can help me with. How are the county mounties about speed, is normal license and ins OK, do you have a helmet law, is there anything in particular I should pay attention to, etc.?
The background: Chicago to Quebec city and back on my 03 K12rs with my wife on the back. I've been riding forever. My wife hasn't spent too much time on the bike so I'll probably have to stop a lot. I have saddle bags and will be adding the following by July - topcase, tank bag, autocom or Baehr, upgraded seat, probably Russell day long.
We both have passports, I don't think we need a visa.
From my understanding the 2 basic routes are upto Detroit into Canada and across to Quebec or east bound stateside upto Vermont and then into Canada. Any thoughts?
I'll probably try to figure a route that will have some interstate and some 2 lane.
Any help or suggestions you all might have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Markus, Ride Safe
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